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Everything’s replaced by a giant Coke can.


Sparrowhawk says:

Mike is my senpai

David Destin says:

Nobody ever called Pablo Picasso an Asshole

Mathew Hoeschen says:

Yeah, movies should be the uncompromised unedited work of singular visionaries, like The Room or Double Down or Miami Connection or Dangerous Men or the Star Wars Prequels!

A Tree says:

1:231:28 is perfect

Julio Acceus says:

I agree. How many movies never got made because a studio or some executive pricks got in the way?

L Drake says:

Fuck everyone.

idkfa says:

Mike is funny.

ConVinko11 says:

The catholic church did actually censor michelangelos painting. 😉

lihanEAD says:

movie making*

Arcrombie says:

I like how that broke Jay.

nochtczar says:

The Sistine Chapel was a commission. He probably had church guys dropping by every damn day to give notes

Rocket Lawn Chair says:

I like that thousand-yard stare Mike has towards the end, when he realizes how accurate his joke is.

84Kega says:

It is the giant coke can or no movie at all, choose.

NinJaRed says:

1:18 Mike does a great impression of Andy Kaufman doing an impression of Latka Gravas.
Also, wtf is that noise Jay made? It sounds like a damn dinosaur!!!

Phöbos says:

But there was a guy who was constantly messing with Michelangelo's work. He was called the Pope.

Linus Newman says:

this isn't every movie tho

night hal 1 says:

I love that look Mike has near the end when he realizes that everything he just said is depressingly accurate.

ethan37066 says:

They actually did nitpick Michael Angelo a lot and he mostly did commissions. He didn’t even want to paint the ceiling and said painting on his back so high up was torture

legofan370 says:

I find it funny that this came from the GotG Vol. 2 review, one of the few Marvel films that was genuinely good and had substance.

Oblique Frontline says:

No hate but thats kind of exactly what happened to Michelangelo. Look it up.

Mr Banana says:

Funnily enough the vatican did change the chapel because nudity is scawy

Sam Lederman says:

Was that Erich von Stroheim

Phillip Campbell says:

MIchaelangelo actually did have a team working with him who did most of the preliminary work. But still, point taken.

TheHueisOverℱ says:

Ironically thats also what happened with alien covenant, ridley scott planned to use the alien's universe to explore bigger themes than just face rape then all critics started shitting on it so he changed covenant to face rape galore, now everyone likes prometheus all of sudden, mr scott, stop listening to critics and just do your thing.

Tommaso Genovesi says:

I'm Italian and that's an accurate representation of how we talk.

Thumping Thromnambular says:

Mike tries to remember if that's the actual accent he would have had.

John F. says:

I wish Mike did more accents like this

sabster79 says:

This is my favorite convo b/w you guys because you totally nailed the current baffling role studios, execs, and non creative people play in a creative industry.

Mark Arandjus says:

I think that's a bit cynica–WHY IS MY ROOM FULL OF COKE CANS??

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