Red Letter Media T-shirts now available!

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HITB, BOTW, and Plinkett shirt designs now available too!!!


ardas says:

OMG Jay is so hot!

Hjälte Björkdahl says:

And button.

NotThatGuyYouKnow says:

Jesus, did you all spend your time sucking dick or something? Your knees are nearly peeking through those pants.

Lucky Bob says:

Jay lost alot of pounds , gotta thank the UK for leaving.

Poop .Stink says:

The fame really went to Rich Evans, star of Rich Evans Star Wars the Force Awakes Trailer Reaction video's head

Stefan Izydorczak says:

Did the boyhood stickers take 12 years to make?

Sucker MC says:

The RedLetterMedia shirt has been sold out for months. I want one. Don't you homos want my money?

chrisdavidi says:

i would buy a 'BOYHOOD IT TOOK 12 YEARS TO MAKE' t.

estopasowner says:

Hey fucks, your merch fucking sucks!! Get a real a job you lazy dorks.

PuffDaMunkey says:

$30 dollars for a t-shirt? Fuck that

José Campa says:

Rich Evans is such an awesome dude! I bet he gets laid so much that he hardly has time to make these videos.

yu stu says:

Rich Evans is a star?

Jack Coleman says:

Mike looks like my stepbrother-in-law Larry.

Callewaerty says:

why does mega64 sell 20$ great shirts and RLM asks 30$ for a shirt + 15$ int shipping?

would love 2 get a HITB one, but 45$ is waaay too much. i'll just print one myself

HackFrauds says:

Get off your sexy asses and make more content for me to mindlessly consume. dicks.

((hack frauds))

Avirosb says:

Damn, that is one edgy fucker four comments below.

Lord Aussem says:


Chris McFarlane says:

"…Mainly t-shirts" – great delivery

Jason Mazur says:

Love you guys and everything you do.  Hope Mike, Jay and that fabulous "Son of Milwaukee" Rich, all have a very happy holiday!

A Breivik says:

"internet celebrity"? more like stupid fat fuck!

dani says:

What's wrong with your faaaaace?

John says:

DVDs? Not Bluray or VHS? Christmas is ruined -_-

Ratio Thirteenpointtwosix says:

I want a T-Shirt that says "That's Right Jay!" damnit!

nate knight says:

i'd totally buy a shirt with a picture of rich evans in a vader mask jerking off his toy cock,  "oh yeah I fucking love Star Wars!" how much for THAT one?

brucelee12 says:

We want shirts with Rich's face on them. How about some variety, instead of your boring company logo. You fraudulent hacks!

ezri85 says:

great camera work on the t-shirt there guys

Fishfude says:

I love you guys, but I'm not dripping 30 bucks plus shipping for a shirt with 3 words on it.

Me Auntie Nora says:

I want these pressed up against my naked body.

The shirts look pretty cool too.

YouSoSpice says:

Sounds like a deal to me! Thanks, Cinco

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