Red Letter Media Studio Time Lapse August 2013

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Close – Here is a recent 3 day long time lapse video! We had to dismantle and store two sets in order to build a new one from scratch for another project. The wide angle lens makes our studio look a lot bigger than it really is so this was quite a puzzle to make room for everything. These sets were all built for WELL under $128,000 too!


Mahekun Linklater says:


Alex Rinn says:

Oh shit is this for that zombie documentary that never got put in?

RaSkipper says:

This took 12 hours to make.

mrattapuss says:

How are they supporting the foam boards?

Blarg227 says:

Wait, all of the places they film in are sets? Damn.

KMAC says:

Taking a sledgehammer mr plinketts house AND chopping all the furniture with an axe…….sounds about right.

asd asd says:

That looks a lot like Mister Plinketts house and the VCR repair store. What a coincidence.

Nicholas Swanson says:

A lot of effort goes into making it look like no effort goes into their videos. I love it!

Yatsura2 says:

Whats the music?

Yatsura2 says:

0:43 finally we get to see Ms. Plinkett! XD

MrKalashnik0va says:

Wait… So Lightning Fast VCR isn't real?!

januszbanderas says:

Damn all that hard work…I though you were just filming these in your parents' basement. Wouldn't it be easier to just sit in front of green screen and make the background interesting later?

William Holly says:

I legit can't even clean my own house and here you guys are building a better house than my own from scratch to make deadpan humor in movie reviews. Maybe I was the hack all along.

Mitch Brown says:

I would not have the patience to do something like this. It looks like a fucking headache, even with help.

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