Red Letter Media at Toronto Fan Expo

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We’re coming back to Toronto! For more info on Fan Expo, visit:


Steven says:

Fuck, I think I was at that one.

Taylor Aguilar says:

Am i too late?

Jonny 5 says:

with offers this generous, how can I resist!

Michael Nell says:

Darn it! Only 5 years too late.

JNilsson1976 says:

Their prices are outrageous
75$ for a shitty autograph from some losers on Youtube
699$ for VIP accesses to the same god damn losers on Youtube

Neil Wilson says:

Damn, missed it. When will RLM be in Brighton, UK in 2018?

Cosmo Kramer says:

I'm going

24Fanboy says:

Canada is great but Toronto is lame and dumb

calvinjluther says:

If I were to describe Toronto in a metaphor, a sailboat would be at the top of my list.

Two pigs rutting in the mud would be a close second, though.

BlueShit199 says:

Is Fan Expo 2012 where they met Collin from Canada and That Other Guy?

Luke Paron says:

come back again please

Charlie Weasel says:

Ok… But when are you guys coming back?

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