Red Dragon 2002 Commentary (Podcast Special)

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Oliver Harper & Duncan Casey provide a commentary to Red Dragon.

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Oliver Harper says:

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John Galantini says:

1:25:25 – Re: Empire Strikes Back… the emperor's voice was provided by an actor called Clive Revel, if I recall correctly. The actor portraying the emperor in Empire however, was a woman who was given a mask, and cowl etc, then they super-imposed chimpanzee eyes over her. Its a bit of a strange one.

Thewingkongexchange says:

As remakes/redos go, this was surprisingly good. Maybe a bit flat in its presentation and Norton is miscast but other than that, it's good and better than 'Hannibal'.

Anime Gothic_98 says:

Spectacular commentary as always gents!

PlasmaKong2 says:

ok, this is killing me. Where is the "great movie" impersonation from? I'm ROFL and can't figure who said it.

Gordon Marshall says:

Nice! Loved this film. I preferred it to Hannibal. Did you see the south park spoof of the "do you see" moment?

And yes it is an actual painting called "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun" by the amazing William Blake. And its a water colour!

MrHEC381991 says:

Red Dragon > Manhunter

Don't bother with Hannibal Rising…

Tommy Carr says:

The clip from Silence of the Lambs was the shot of the hospital/prison (whatever Hannibal is kept in) as the place was demolished sometime between 91 and 02

Filippo M. Prandi says:

I think the best Jack Crawford was Scott Glenn. Crawford isn't supposed to sound like a regular-type cop. He's the head of the FBI's behavioral science unit. We're talking about a man who's got a college degree / master degree / likely a doctorate in psychology and/or criminology. Glenn looked the part (glassed, hair…). Farina, Kaitel and even Fishburne in the TV series, they all look like beat cops. Detectives at best.

RebornRockerVids says:

The thing about Ed Norton is that I almost always feel he's miscast.. and that gets me thinking, maybe Ed Norton is the problem. Maybe he has trouble emoting into the character. He can't be miscast all the damn time, he must take some responsibility.

Adrian Mendoza says:

First time seeing this film and I really enjoyed it. Way better than Manhunter. Duncan, fuck the haters. Ed Norton is terrible in this movie and I agree with both of you he was miscast. 1:16:28 – God bless Ralph Fiennes and his dick. Ralph is so good in this movie. Emily Watson is terrific as well.

Kaighen says:

So excited for this one. Watch the movie last week so I have a fresh memory for the commentary.

Thewingkongexchange says:

Just noticed 'Mrs. Doubtfire' in the Leeds' video collection… wut?

Kei Kurono says:

Capoto? lol It's Capote gentlemen 😛

Foundry X says:

This the best easter present. I was waiting for this with great anticipation. I love ralph fiennes in this, but besides that, I 100% prefer Manhunter. I would have loved to see William peterson acting across a young Anthony hopkins. That could have been pretty cool. Peterson nailed the character of will graham and the psychological torture he endures to complete his job. And that Elfman score is definitely not for me, at least not in this context. I much prefer Shriekback and The reds from manhunter.

vamphunterdlover says:

22:00 He was affected by BOTH his mother and Grandmother. Was a product of early teen preggy from mom, gran raised him and after Gran died was forced to live with his mom (who remarried and had two kids of her own and was also the wife of a politician) who also suffered abuse from his mom and step-siblings. I remember it clearly since when I read the book it was so horrible that I nearly puked on it. BE GLAD THE SCREENWRITER LEFT THE BACK STORY OUT IN THIS MOVIE

Grahams 24/7 says:

Hannibal the tv series was underrated and I’m sad that the third season seemed to drag as the series was cancelled. A fourth season would’ve been great

MovieM@ says:

Ratner's direction is far more pedestrian but I will agree overall that as a movie I find this one more satisfying.

Judah Earl says:

Now only commentary for Hannibal rising and the TV series left.

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