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👠Cruella gets her due!👠 Here is my Cruella Official Trailer 2 Reaction and Review! Enjoy my live reaction and commentary to Disney’s Cruella live-action, which we will watch together here on Disney Plus on May 28! What is your favorite moment? Share with us as we read every single comment, and give us a LIKE as it truly helps our video go viral.

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Doctor Disney says:

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Tamra Arnold says:

Two live watch parties: Original animated and live action.

Mighty Mike Lotto Gamer says:

I do believe that CRUELLA is her true form and that her Disguise as Estella is her way of getting close to what she wants in the world without the world knowing who she tends to be but in the end Baroness tracks Cruellas whereabouts in finding her Dalmatians then discovers her secret identity thinking she was played by the fool and in revenge burn the mansion Cruella rides her motorbike to stop Baroness from blowing her cover.

Analuciaalves Batista says:

I'm excited for this movie !!!😍😍😍😍

Talyson Moreira says:

The film will talk about the origin of the villain, only that they will not make her good and will not give her a big reason to be mean, because in the other trailer she says that she "was born mean and a little crazy". In this film she will not be after the dalmatians to hurt them, she will only kidnap them to make the other woman (I believe she is her boss) angry. In the film it will be a battle between her and her boss (who is also evil), and I believe (my theory) that in this film she will have a viral dog, because in the film the 102 Dalmatians of the 2000s Cruella has a little dog, and in the Once Upon A Time series of 2016 she has dalmatians as a bodyguard, because in fact she just doesn't like dalmatians and she never managed to harm any
#EmmaStone #EmmaThompson #Cruella

Cassie Coombes says:

❤I Loves Cruella Trailer is Best Cruella Trailer

Kurtis Lawler says:

That snippet of Simple Sponge solidified my man crush.

Danny Dark says:

Your like my spirit brother lol. I wanna be your friend do bad… and OMG YOUR GUNNA LOVE SPIRITED AWAY.. oz is a no brainer lol

tarin blanding says:

The song in the trailer is Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Doris Day. I also love Emma Stone's accent in this movie, it reminds me of when she played Abigail in The Favourite.

Dilly Dally says:

"That will never get old!" LOLOL! You funny!

M.Syauqi Abdurahman says:

Baroness = She Stole My Dog

Skipper says:

They don't highlight the dogs, do they?

DayleSong says:

The visuals are tremendous! And I love your insights!

Tyler Hackner says:

🔥🔥👍👍 great reaction!

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