Re-Issue: Everything Wrong With Back To The Future

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This video is a re-upload! Due to a very small piece of music, our entire Back to the Future video was muted. We thought it was better to just delete that sh*t, change the damn music, and re-upload, so that you guys could actually hear the video and stuff. So… that’s what we did.

We intentionally released this on an odd day and time to help avoid confusion. If you somehow accidentally clicked on this expecting a brand new video and not a re-upload, we apologize for your moderate inconvenience.

No movie is without sin and stuff.

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Mata the One-X says:

This movie had many plot holes in it. That's what happens when you make a movie about time travel. However, it was the biggest hit in 1985, and it was filmed at my school. So, yay.

Still, many plot holes.

The Canine Nutritionist says:

This is seriously one of the best movies ever.

Mike Brady says:

Gullwing doors are hinged in the middle. Easy to open in a truck. Check your HA HA facts.

Statik Shotz says:

wow a lot of this can be explained away by the point that doc and marty were outside of time, it changed around them, they kept their memories. who cares. it was 1985.

Christopher Monarch says:

I’ve seen this film it’s a classic … it’s the one where Marty dresses up as a man from space

FX_GAMER 679 says:


Rick Pyle says:

Marty didn't change because he's the Marty from the now extinct Universe. Doc probably sent the Marty from this Universe to his death on molten Earth to avoid the Universe-ending paradox!

Nicholas Mendibles says:

I hate this guy

Brandon Taylor says:

Why did you have to end the move plus the original best quote? I love the classic quote on the end of the movie after I watch it is so awesome (Imitating Doc) "where we're going we don't need road's (normal voice) it's kinda like one of those Tom Cruise quote?

The Demonic Englishmen says:

Dissing back to the future is like dissing gandi


One thing I found out recently, "Twin Pines" became "Lone Pine" mall, due to Marty knocking down a pine in the past.

adoredpariah says:

That moment when you realise your buddy went from light bullying to straight up attempted car murder and it didn't even change your demeanour slightly #peerpressure

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