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the origami guy says:

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Ribbit Animations says:

Teen titans original was canceled too fast

Joel Figueredo says:

0:56 why do the captions read “what else is on bitch”

Brick Boss Bennett says:

Teen Titans original and spectacular spider man

Yoshi The Dino/ says:

Sonic satam

Ryan Paye says:

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! It needs to make a comeback!

Bianca Opio says:

The original teen titans

CjKnowledge301 says:

Transformers prime!

Topea Vey says:

Young Justice is coming back. I REPEAT. YOUNG JUSTICE IS COMING BACK!!!

Androo Gnoix says:

Cartoon Network screwed us over with Jlu and Batman:BatB. SCREW YOU CN!

deathstroke beware says:

cartoon network stop making crapping cartoons and bring back young justice

Andrew Billman says:

netfix to the rescue………….four years later

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