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Nep Pool says:

Remember in the 90 where rhodey pick up the mantle of iron Man but there's something different there he's his own character and was well written when miles is basically a Peter Parker clone but black so that means when anyone says anything bad about them and try to make and argument they just say "your racist!" Shutting down any argument you have ( why am I putting it here no one will see it oh well I'm going to go somewhere else and type this)

David M. says:

+Andre Black Nerd you can be Latino & Black (Dominican Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, etc)

mrsterrell1994 says:

??I don’t have time for u Andre

Jack Crofts-Mullin says:

List of Characters that have stayed dead in comics;

Uncle Ben
Thomas and Martha Wayne
Lara (Superman's mother)
Richard and Mary Parker
Nora Allen
John and Mary Grayson (Dick's parents)
Jack and Janet Drake (Tim's parents)

Oddly enough, it's only the parental figures that stay dead

Gillagamming Bennett says:

i actually really liked the ultimate universe peter parker a lot. I hate that they just decided to kill him off and replace him with a minority. ps ( im not racist)

Mr. Glowlow says:

I don't personally like miles. Did they really have to kill off peter?! I'm totally fine with a black Spider-Man, but peters death threw me off the edge. They could have just made an entirely new character (wich I guess they did) instead of just killing off peter. Peter will always be the ultimate Spider-Man in my heart. And no, I'm not trying to be racist.

Jenna Torres says:

Black spiderman would be bad ass!!!

Hayden Brown says:

Captain America. That'll actually be an interesting origin story

Or make Captain America japanese and after pearl harbor he joins U.S. military and feels ashamed by what his home country has done

Tiasha Hope says:

Chief Africa can be a black captain America

・スーイサイドニュー・ジランド says:

Andre Miles Morales, I am Hispanic myself and I can assure you in countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Honduras, etc, there are Hispanics of African descent, that were brought to those parts of the world, by the Spanish colonisers, much the same as the British did with the African slaves they took to England, the USA and so forth.

Thus Miles Morales is perfectly Hispanic, without having to speculate as to whether he is half that and half something else. Simply put there is a Brazilian Kyokushin Karate world champion and also K-1 World Grand Prix champion and mixed martial arts competitor by the name of Ewerton Texeira. He is a Brazilian like many who have their racial origins in Africa and his ancestors brought there to Brazil by the Portuguese colonisers. He identifies himself as Brazilian and speaks the Brazilian, rendition of the Portuguese language. He does not classify himself as anything else but a Brazilian national, despite his ancestors being hundreds or even possibly thousands of years ago being from the continent of Africa.

I can understand your need to point out Miles Morales being of dark skin colour, as to why some racists might not like him. I am sure when Spawn was portrayed back in the 90s by Michael Jai White, or Wesley Snipes portraying Blade, that many red necks' heads almost exploded in outrage. I myself am a fan of those characters, even Black Panther, Storm from the X-Men, Bronze Tiger etc, not because of their skin colour or their racial origins, but because of the good and positive role model qualities, that they represent.

The Youtube Monkey says:

the whole ultimate thing was a mess except for miles, especially when you bring up spiderwoman. or the whole wolverine likes kids thing.

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