Quickie: The Boy and the World, Clouds of Sils Maria, Leviathan (VIFF 2014: Part 4)

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MegaZombielover says:

http://www.sheilaomalley.com/?p=133014 Really uncomfortable blog post comparing Kristen Stewart to Marlon Brando

The Great Chimera says:

I've literally only seen Kristen Stewart in like 2 good movies. Camp X-Ray was really good, and Personal Shopper was meh.

Theyneverknow says:

Bizzare, I utterly adore Kirsten Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria

teenie beenie says:

polish heads slightly warmed. I'll cure of the map, i'll put you on disease

João de Arruda Campos Cardoso says:

Thank you very much for reviewing the boy and the world. I realize you didnt like it, and thats fine, but this is (in my opinion at least) a film that no one is talking about, and for me, its a very good film from my country, and despite the fact that you didnt like it, the fact that you reviewd it is still more then most poeple have done. Thank you.

flmvdvsrg says:

I liked Clouds of Sils Maria. I agree that Stewart is still emotionless, but I don't think there were any scenes that really demanded her not to be. She's the antipathetic assistant , she even says she's just "doing her job." And the scene where she disappears, I don't care, and I don't know why you would. Maybe she would have seen her, but Maria takes a while to realize she's gone and the film leaves enough time to not make it awkward. It never got to the point where the idea wasn't clear what had happened, I feel you exaggerated a bit. And the superhero scene, eh, I agree but at the same time I don't know how they could have represented the genre properly if they don't have millions of dollars for special effects. If anything I could admit it was possible to make them look way less ridiculous. Like giving them skin tight futuristic costumes and get rid of the wigs or something. What I will say is that the dialogue was way too similar to the one in the movie. It felt cheesy and different enough to be obvious that they're representing a different genre, but it still doesn't feel like something from a Marvel movie, it sounded too pretentious.
The only thing I hated was the ending, I get their point but it was too unsatisfactory and not very interesting. Moretz' character is left as a cunt and although I get the relation with Maria's own career/youth and the characters they're playing, it just doesn't feel worth it to leave her like that. It's a non-resolution and it's not like a dark ending or anything.
Still, I have to defend Stewart. I was pretty entertained by her dialogue with Juliette. Their relationship was what made me like it and that's pretty much the main focus of the movie, so there.

Tami Hodges says:

It kind of sucks that you left Boy and the World and saw the second worst film of the year. You should give Boy and the World a second watch and watch it all the way through. Every single choice in the film makes sense once you really think about it. The visuals are stunning, like they belong in an Eric Carpenter book. I can see why you left the film and didn't feel bad about it. The first half was kind of repetitive and the pacing felt a bit off. But the second act almost makes up for the first act entirely. And yes even that song they played a million times has a purpose once you look into it and it is exactly what a child would do. Now they could've put some variation to that song every now and then because that would make more sense to the theme. But that's really it. I'd probably give it an 8.

S E says:

Kinda of like you did with m. Night shamalayan, can you do videos on why some actors that suck keep getting movie roles and continuing to suck but we give them a pass, Adum?

foxeyedman says:

Leviathan was a masterpiece, had me feeling like my soul was crushed under that huge whale skeleton.

verymeanthoughts says:

Surprise Chuck Testa!

CrazyRiverOtter says:

I read the title as "YIFF 2014."

I'm going to hell.

sam purdy says:

I personally really liked boy and the world. I see why you didn't enjoy it, but I thought the plot really came together in the end and the art style really worked the whole way through.

AugustMovieReviewer says:

I saw Leviathan. Damn that mayor.

Gilli Weed says:

I watched Clouds of Sils Maria just to see if Kristen Stewart was any good outside of Twilight… severely disappointed. It was especially obvious how wooden and unchanging her performance was when juxtaposed against the far superior performance of Juliette Binoche.

Richard Fukuda says:

Wtf Adum Clouds of Silz Maria was best film of 2014. R you mental or wut?

TheExarion says:

4:26 it's amazing how upset YMS got about this point. It's honestly awesome

Joseph Wythe says:

Spoilers for Clouds!

ThePrinceOfMoose says:

1:57 (Adam's impression of Kristen Stewart)
That's giving her way too much credit man. I didn't even get that from her.

skylinefilms123 says:

screw u boy and the world is great

WLHamontree says:

The way they spelled Moritz's name on the poster makes it seem as though her name is "Chloegrace".

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