Quick Cuts: Escape from Tomorrow

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http://www.redlettermedia.com – Jay talks about the black and white absurdist film Escape from Tomorrow, shot secretly at Disney World.


Alexander Vlk says:

Bring this back?

Chip Roberts says:

No film has ever made me feel as amused while watching it, yet as gross afterwards.

Sinister Trench says:

Finaly! Red Letter Media movie thet is shorter then 20 minuts.

Spikex1 says:

I really liked the small handful of Quick Cuts videos that were made. It's a shame Jay was the only one of the crew actually interested in doing them, when the original idea was supposed to be that everyone would make occasional entries, and that kind of deflated his enthusiasm for it according to what he said in one of the Pre Rec streams. I still wouldn't mind a return of Quick Cuts, even if it was only ever Jay.

Catzilla says:

I think that if you want to do a story about a guy losing touch with reality, then there are much better places to do that than Disney World. I think a political rally would be perfect, because these places are out of touch with reality ALL THE TIME.

FapMonster says:

I'm glad Jay coveres this lol of all the RLM cast he is the ideal guy to cover this film, and I'm glad that despite the problems he had with the movie he still recommends it

Kris Stout says:

Is this a set or the office? I always wonder what's a set.

Zaius Ex Machina says:

How the hell have I missed these quick cuts? I've been following RLM for years. Really awesome stuff

G Vulture says:

I'd like to see the return of Quick Cuts

HeavyMetalPrime says:

Is this replacing Jack?

newtair says:

Quick Cuts won't replace anything.

elladeon says:

I love the quick cuts. This and nerd crew — I will watch all of them that you make.

Cosmic Mage says:

I never saw these. Bring it back!

StillGotShit4Brains says:

I need your dick, Jay.

George Matta says:

Is Jay gay? Not being mean, just my gaydar goes bananas whenever I see him talking.

Japeth321 says:

I actually had fun with the movie.

grvonny says:

My question is why did you stop doing 'quick cuts'?!!!

BlueShit199 says:

That's right Jay!

Skooma Joe says:


gh h says:

I just found this quick cut series and I understand it doesn't get as many views so it's not worth the effort maybe but you should consider doing these every now and then. I really like them. that's all I got


Is this replacing re:View?

bpansky says:

The film had a kind of vibe to it that I liked. Comparable to The Force Awakens where a sort of ambient feeling was the best part, and all the non-ambient stuff was nonsense.

babyBELUGAr says:

Why don't you make more of these Jay you hack

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