PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND Official Trailer (2021)

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PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND Official Trailer (2021)
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Comments says:

Nicholas Cage for the come back?

TheRaziel07 says:

Cage makes movies like rice

Danny Simanjaya says:

This one is like Kill Bill meets Mandy meets MadMax meets JiuJitsu meets WillyWonka or Willy’s Wonderland or Whatever Hells it’s Nicholas Cage. He’ll make it work! ~m/.

Simon Gee says:

Love so many of his classic movies from the 80s and 90s but also love the stuff he's been doing recently. He's a versatile actor.

GM J says:

This looks nuts. There is something admirable in Nick’s commitment to deliver something crazy B movie 5 times a year. I do not know, if it is about coke or dinosaur bones, but thank you. Sad, but some of these crazies look more imaginative than many big movies.

Mutale Musonda says:

I love Nicholas Cage, he makes great crazy characters

Awol991 says:

samurai, western, post-apocalypse, spirits all mixed on high-blend.

gthawkings says:

reminds me of 80s-90s movie with explosive deadlines!

Dwiyana Syahputri says:


P.R.I.S.O.N.E.R.S O.F. T.H.E G.H.O.S.T.L.A.N.D


lee gibson says:

OK, is this post apocalyptical, zombie, steampunk, Mad Max, Escape from New York all rolled into one?

Matt Scully says:

The most fun thing about nic cage movies is going in knowing its going to be either a complete disaster or absolute masterpiece, amd nothing in between.

Mario Bergermann says:

HOLY heck, THAT looks pretty damn weird…and f*ckin' awesome!!!!

Shane says:

How can you not love this man, mad as a brush and still rocking.

Gordienko Sergey says:

Escape from New York + Big Trouble in Little China?

Navid Ansari says:

I am Ironman 👌

Aarkmish says:

I love Nic Cage. I'm definitely gonna watch this.

Stephen Pin says:

I love japan weird movie with Nicolas Character 😍😘😍👍

Ozzy Osbourne says:

Cage is uncaged since mandy , love it

Ianne Reyes says:

After "Willie's Wonderland", Nicolas Cage missed talking really bad.

Da Cucaracha Gaming says:

This movie has a real Robert Rodriguez vibe to it. Count me in.

Blah Blah says:


Ray Harvey says:

This looks like crap…but I'm sure it'll be better than Nick Cage's lousy PIG movie.

John Goldwood says:

So was Cage bored or something?

Mzansi Moments Reloaded says:

Cage just making a lot of weird movies these days and you know what? I like them 😂😂😂

vinesh rajoo says:

Escape from new york?


Nicholas Cage is whoopin ass as of late! I am so down with his sickness!

railzip says:

Cage and leather, that’s Grammy potential right there!

NectarH Stylen says:

I think Imma enjoy this 🎞️❤️

Colonel Lingus says:

Not gonna lie. This looks cool and different. Always liked Cage regardless of his bad movie roles.

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