Prisoners Of The Ghostland 2021- movie – meaning and symbolism

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PureBlood2021❌💉 says:

I don't think you and I watched the same movie, but your opinion is your opinion.

Jaspas Deck says:


Lou Boo says:

Did you not understand everyone was dead. It was a kind of purgatory. And there is a significance of the clock chiming at 8:15 and the people trying to prevent the clock from chiming. The Governor is the clock force trying to get the time to get to 8:15. The time Hiroshima detonated. 8:15 am. Everyone EVERYONE! was dead.

Watch it again considering it a purgatory movie.

Man every reviewer of this movie is dense. holy fuck

Mike C says:

Great analysis. I felt like I was unpacking the entire time I was watching the film.

Old AF reviewers says:

This was quire a good movie, not a massive fan of Cages later work but this one wasn't bad 🤜🤛

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