PITCH PERFECT 3 MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Review

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PITCH PERFECT 3 MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Review – Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are back! And so are the Double Toasted podcast as they discuss their general liking of Pitch Perfect 2 and the first Pitch Perfect in comparison to this third film in this funny video!

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The Movie Review Extravaganza! – 12-20-17


j ho says:

So I don't get it. White people aren't to sing black songs?

Tanner Olsen-Adler says:

Do they talk about the baby scene

the bad seed says:

Pitch betta have my money!

Steven Barnes says:

Yall forgot one. I love my pitches

fa de says:

Why the hell would anyone spend 27 minutes on a review of a piece of chit movie? Why even review this?

Maria Fernanda Candelario Huaman says:

Where i can see it online ? :c help me please

Jas Aguliar says:

I hated the third one I should of watched jumanji instead of this crap

Christopher Morris says:

I've never seen any of these idiotic movies because I don't want to go and see a therapist. Based upon the trailer alone, I give it a solid FUCK YOU! Damn, I miss Spill! Korey, for 'ol times sake, give us a reunion special with the old crew and the new crew. Maybe you could plan it for when Avengers: Infinity War hits the theaters.

The Last Targaryen says:

This movie looks so cringy

Big Guy617 says:

This is some old BULLSHIT

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themaker151 says:

Isn't that the way DJ Khaled supposedly talks? Which maybe he's just a character

Andrew Cutler says:

Am I crazy? I could’ve sworn they reviewed this 6 months or a year ago. Maybe it was the second one…

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