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PADDINGTON 2 MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Podcast Reviews – You’ve seen the original Paddington movie review by the Double Toasted podcast and now it’s time for the sequel! Can this be as good as the first one? Allow the DT crew to let you know if this movie suffers from sequelitis in this funny video!

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The Movie Review Extravaganza – 1-11-18

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5 says:

Americans seem to think this is an American movie written and produced. It's only distributed by WB.

MrWarners14 says:

I'm so happy Paddington and it's sequel were not pandering garbage and are actually good. In our cynical modern world, we need someone like Paddington to brighten up the day.

troyundroy1 says:

One of the best things that will pass most people by in the movie: Not a single mobile phone in sight. It’s all land lines and telephone booths. Like a classic movie should be.

J says:

so far it's the best reviewed movie of the year!I enjoyed both of them

krusnik94 says:

They joke but now I want Vinnie Jones in Paddington 3 trying to make Paddington go hard but then he opens his heart and has him reconnect with his daughter or something

Mari says:

Was I the only one who cried at the end ?

Urdnot Stark says:

Someone mentions the chipmunk movies to Korey, Korey: Vietnam flashback

SNN says:

lmao martin losing it on alvin and the chipmunks ahahahaha fuck this is a good one man

SNN says:

fuck man this dude cracks me up so much love ur movie reviews fam "he a talking bear if hes selling something you want that shit!" hahaha

Tristan Milner says:

10:05 to 11:15 that's true DT gold.

Lazereye57 says:

11:39 Paddington directed by Guy Ritchie

StoneCold316 says:

Paddington 2 is a masterpiece

Diehard DEMON says:

This makes me wanna rewatch the chipmunks reviews ?

MadDilla ATCQstarr says:

Watching this movie today at a Matinee made me think… "WOW… Society fucking sucks! We don't deserve Paddington". PADDINGTON is too damn charming. Every character, down to the garbage man is interesting and has kindness. Also the movie is very bright and colorful. Not evey movie needs to be, but it felt like a breath of fresh air.

Mike Felix says:

Its a Miracle….. a Paddignton Miracle Girts gave a Better Than Sex!!!!

lil windex says:

It wasn't that good made for 8 year olds for sure

foosheezoo says:

Love Paddington ??


The fuck? Girtz gave it a better than sex? Paddington cures cancer???

Skinny Pippen says:

I really liked the 1st one. Good to hear it's good. Great review

danny119501 says:

I saw the movie today and I thought it was enjoyable carefree movie, I did not see the first one so I did not know the entire past and the family thing, but it had charming characters and it I think the review reflected it.

Mal from London says:

It has cellphones in it; but yes it has an old-fashioned feel.

JZA says:

you should try to move your content to
I really like the Double toasted community and I think you will be able to break bread real easy if you do this move.

jdtroup198683 says:

Give a new meaning of Honeydipping

Oy Boyo says:

Token white guy saying "nobody listens to me anyway" wasn't a riff on the movie.

Zim Li says:

What's the bear's name?

Anzu Wyliei says:

It was grisly to see.

Toon Yard says:

I miss the old Paddington tv series and the days when life used to be cute and innocent compared to how it is now. Goodwin is right, us Brits are very fond of Paddington, especially the older generations so the older actors would have given it their all to make sure it's a good film.

sonja1020 says:

i LOVED Paddington 2! Great review.

NeverMindGaming says:

From the director of Harry Potter oh no

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