Once Upon A Deadpool New Post Credit Scene – Avengers Marvel Easter Eggs and Jokes

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Once Upon A Deadpool New Post Credit Scene, Avengers Marvel Easter Eggs, Jokes, Funny Moments, Stan Lee Cameo Scene and Deadpool Review ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my Once Upon a Deadpool Post Credit Scene video for all the new Post Credit Scenes they added including all the new Stan Lee stuff. Let me know what you want them to do with the Next Deadpool movie in the comments, since he'll be under Kevin Feige!

peter marek says:

My favourite moment(s) from deadpool are in the prelude to deadpool corps and deadpool corps mini series.

cappiman says:

If anything. I just seen this last week, and I thought that once upon a Deadpool felt more like a Deadpool movie than the Hard R versions. Deadpool (language wise) has never been R rated, however the blood and gore is a different story. They should make this movie into a more light R rated and if they can get away with it, blood and gore in a pg-13 movie. This movie was amazing and I was laughing more often than I was in the R versions and Super Duper cut.

Mister ? says:

Please Disney do not turn this into a pg13 franchise

Hacker Gaming says:

When he tutned the man into a kebab <3 my favourite

deadpool 177 awesome says:

Venom was ok, but deadpool should stay R

Barbara Cantu says:

I show deadpool 2

o o says:

3:46 Mysterio confirmed


No PG-13. That will ruin Deadpool. Please Disney, don't

Marco Lara says:

Deadpool comics are not R rated material, there is no reason why the movies have to be…

Johnny5 says:

I say keep him R rated for his solo movies and if you want to add him here and there with other marvel movies the pg13 thing would work.

Space Cat Jeff says:

If they do another PG-13 Deadpool movie, I hope they will have a running gag where Deadpool struggles to limit/lessen his swears and tries to save the movie's one f-bomb for the right moment then suddenly someone else drops the f-bomb, which in return causes Deadpool to explode into rage and makes him really pissy and annoyed about being in an PG-13 rated movie.

WilliamEntertainment says:

Deadpool without Rated-R is like getting Lambo but constantly driving in the school zone.

trent williams says:

I just wanna see a R rated movie of the punisher based on the punisher max comics

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