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OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY MOVIE REVIEW – The Double Toasted podcast have touched on this movie before in a trailer reaction, reacting to trailer 2 of the movie and granted, these types of movies aren’t of the highest quality in the eyes of Korey and the gang, but you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. A cast filled with SNL alumni? How can you go wrong?! Double Toasted show a clip or two and give you their review of Office Christmas Party!

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The Movie Review Extravaganza – 12-8-16


Movies and blu- ray's says:

Die hards Christmas party if terrorist didn’t show up

ZackAttack2995 says:

Godwin’s hatred of TJ Miller is hysterical to me.

FunnyKingGamer says:

МMММу gf reааally loveеs this film. Wе foooоund full mооvie hеre =>

Sukhbir Sekhon says:

$45m budget probably all star wages $114 box office. Anybody who paid to see this must be feeling exploited.

GAMING Sumit HK says:

TТТТhis mоviе is nооw avаааilаblе tо waаааtсh hеre =>

Simon Sykes says:

Review Machine Gun Mother Fucker

MrHothead099 says:

I think Martian should grow his mustache longer. Think it would look better.

Fab? says:

As dumb and forgettable as this atrocity was, the "app" is somewhat of a real thing (look up LiFi)

ManThatYouFear says:

why does the intro music always end up playing over you all talking? editing seems off.
always sounds like I've got a other tab open.

ND7652 says:

Korey that crush on Angela Basset  MUST STOP ………………Because I SAW HER FIRST !!!

ShutYoMouth says:

Fuck this Movie.

Helma Margareth says:

0:57 Office Christmas Party ᴴᴰ m o v i e o n l i n e
NOW available in UK & US … stream now [ ]

Melville Comics says:

Sounds like a lot of bullshit I'm not about to watch.

Marcus Adams says:

So what's the movie that they've been hyping up for being so bad??

Noel Putrapen says:

Why's the editing so goddamn choppy

RaRa1993 says:

Damn, Olivia Munn is Hot 😀 !

Rolando aka Power Man G says:

yeah bill Bob Thornton tea bagged just did this Tony Cox in the new Bad Santa 2 it's too much Seriously and I'm a guy saying this!

J Salinas says:

Why is Korey smiling so hard? It's making me smile hard too! Great episode!

Tiger Mafia says:

hey you guys have to do a story about that guy who punched that kangaroo kangaroo

Pacbandit13 says:

You guys are super late on this one watched this last Sunday

Brandon Camp says:

Can you guys make a review of Nocturnal Animals? That would be a great conversation.

kaatyblue says:

Do the new Assassin's Creed trailer! I thought it was much better than the previous ones, but that's not saying anything lol still looks like that movie is gonna be shit to me.

tazmon122 says:

anyone else see the trailer, and immediately think: Project X 2…

ssnakezz says:

9:29 "They played us like a damn fiddle!" – Kaz

skyroll 0167 says:

splits review

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