NINJA TURTLES 2014 Teaser Trailer Review : Black Nerd

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here in 2016

Insanity nerd says:

Have you ever decide to come up with your own cartoon you have network?

Mysterious Mystery says:

Producers, depending on who, can have much control of a movie.  For instance, they can turn down scripts, make changes to scripts, and change script writers.  Basically, they can hire someone who will sell out and write the Michael Bay script he wants while he glances over and approves of this or that.

Matt Hall says:

Rock Steady and Muthaf*ckin BEBOP! thats who!

Cyrus the ninja Psycho says:


LicoriceStyk says:

If we didn't know Michael Bay was a part of this thing, what would we think of it

Hermanator Films says:

I'm going to see the movie tonight! I hope it's at least half decent…

Charlis Fowlkes says:

mikey looks the best to me

Charlis Fowlkes says:

why does mikey have  pants on

Josh Needle says:

real turtles have noses

Rene Zabala says:

WHY NO CASEY JONES?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa love 145 says:

really cant wait for this movie I am going all turtle out!!!
 I know for sure that CASEY JONES will not be in the movie. MB is planning on having screen time for Aprils reporter instead. Thats all i know but I am very excited.

Asparagus Who killed your family says:

Andre I think your right of the new it is cool

Joel M says:

My best Tshirts are Turtles shirts. People love them! I'd love to meet the voice actors who have played the Turtles. Leonardo is my favorite turtle. 

Robert Senzig says:

Bayturtles. Eehh. I'll wait for the rental.

Manuel Ching says:


bennhull says:

I'm annoyed you didn't she a half decent shot of raph

ivan antoncich says:

Have you seen The new trailer xD.

JonnyCash1181 says:

Lol green balls

xoxardnekoxo says:

Love all the TMNT goodies in the background. Looks like my bedroom! 😀 Like I said other video, I'm very wary of this movie. I fear it'll suffer the same fate as Transformers – a beloved childhood comedy will be destroyed.

SuperSupersonic88 says:

I think we need to give them a chance. Michael Bay may,and I can't believe I'm typing this but, give us a good if not, ok, TMNT movie. Origin story, who cares? actors, if they are at least ok, who cares? Designs, who cares? We can make this a good TMNT movie.

Charlie Lancaster says:

The Turltles look like 4 of the biggest, greenest, ugliest black guys I've ever seen. Fuck this whole movie!

andrew kearney says:

Its gonna be teenage mutant ninja turtles with bazzogas

Jay Schwartzman says:

What did we ever do to Micheal Bay to deserve this? Why is he always ruining my favorite heroes?!!! 

Tacalo King says:

has he reviewed the none existing avatar the last air bender the movie under stand it does not exist i refuse to say it exist

zomblification says:

I try not to get butt hurt when changes are made from the source material. I personally like the design of the turtles, they all look distinctly different to accentuate their very different personalities. I don't really care about the origin of the ooze as I don't feel like it's a subject that would make or break a Ninja Turtles movie.

My view is you can either get angry and nerd rage or just go see the movie with an open mind and accept it for what it is. It's coming out either way and it's a Ninja Turtles movie so it will do well.

krampusz says:

I don't get it why Leo has normal face and Mikey has that fucked up face…

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