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Black Nerd cracks up talking about Nine Lives, the Kevin Spacey of cat movies. #NineLives #InternationalCatDay
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Andre “Black Nerd” Review/Recap of Nine Lives, the movie that went up against Suicide Squad with Kevin Spacey is a talking cat, just in time for International Cat Day. Is this movie bad? Of course it is. But can you have fun with it?

Note: “Nine Lives” trailers and clips provided by EuropaCorp via EPK for Black Nerd Comedy to use as press for news, review, criticism and commentary under rights of fair use. All opinions are 100% my own with NO outside influence.

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Katharine W says:

I hope that the only things Kevin Spacey is remembered for down the line is that he's is a creepy sex predator and this fucking film

FL0ze says:

Kevin Spacey being an alleged sexual assailant tainted this movie for me

DWAkhaten1995 says:

It sounds like Kevin Spacey turned into Spider-Cat.

Lewis Jones says:

The movie Fluke was similar too

Rylecx 2.0 says:

I watched this movie with my dad at home from redbox. Multiple times during the movie we looked at each other like "are we really watching this nonsense" and then the movie got our attention and was funny again. It's 100% terrible but in a good way and we watched it to the end

Bad Bear says:

It's purr-koure

96Zero says:

cool, ill make sure to check out the movie. question, is the movie out one blu ray yet?

Briana Coman says:

Phantom of the Opera is a ridiculous movie that I cant help but laugh at

Emerald Solace says:

It’s a great movie if you know it’s awful xD

Jair Hammond says:

We put Kevin Spacey in a cat, go with it" XD

Pathologically Insecure says:

When you said the phone was in the movie, I fucking lost it.

invaderpez12 says:

Wonder if this movie is painted in a new light with recent events…

Extreme Lamborghini says:

Next it will be 8 lives. Then 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 lives.

The Filmmaker says:

love that phone story ?

S-My-Q says:

fun drinking game take a shot every time andre says kevin spacy

101vaporeon says:

I hate this movie for the sheer fact that Robbie Amell had to leave the Flash for it.

Freddy Games says:

Someone count how many times this dude said cat in this video.

Fun Acts says:

Andre sounds like a dolphin 0:28

Isaac Mapes says:

Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

Carter Dat Cat says:

the cats cute tho

The Old Worgen Model says:

You're so fucking loud…………. BUT I LOVE IT!

zeeceeflower says:

Am I the only one who kind of wants to see this movie now.

zeeceeflower says:

I swear the daughter is played by that girl form A Series Of Unfortunate Events

3rd Gunman says:

Pootie Tang is the best no budget, shameless bad comedy of all time.

Jack N. says:

Nine Lives: A Talking Cat ?!? 2

Dana Thurmond says:

Your laugh is amazing! I'm subscribing!

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