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SeriousCuillin says:

Loved your reaction, I'm now a subscriber.

Lil Folks says:

This movie is gonna be so great and i hope that this movie geys an oscar im a go watch tjis in the theaters

Kay Brzy says:

oh, she ridin'

Sheppardnl says:

The actress playing the little girl has acted in German movies. She’s being introduced to American audiences in this one.

Maxi S says:

Obviously, Drew aka M-Dogg has seen John Campea´s doc about movie trailers, in which he plays a part. FYI, the girl Helena Zengel is basically the German version of Saoirse Ronan, her breakout role was in the German movie System Crasher which won the German Movie Award and was on the short list for the Best International Feature Oscar. It is her first Hollywood movie, that´s why it says "introducing".

Luffy Chinjah says:

I love trailer that i don't know how it will play out rather than ruining the whole movie on a trailer

Sven Bartes says:

I love the story telling movies when it is somthing that really came out of a real story, but also if the movie is very well written. Yoh this seems to be a adventures/action/drama/ movie yoh. Maby not a Day-One but i really like that.
Yoh Orang-a-tang suprises Damn Hahahahahaha That is crazy!!!

Kool To The Foolas says:

Thanks for sharing this movie reaction once again!!! I enjoy it a lot!!

Chris Dixon says:

This looks promising and really interesting. Storytelling & score is something that def get me invested.

Say, Joe been eating those cashews for over 31 days lol, got me wanting to buy some. Kirkland Cashews needa go ahead and cut that check for effective advertising.

Stephanie A Dory says:

This Movie is a Day One! It's going to be excellent. Can't wait to see this Little Girl on the Big Screen. 💛

Magic Realms says:

This movie looks very interesting. I like it. Some Last of Us vibes I am picking up from this trailer

Chris Anderson says:

Tom Hank movies have some of the best story telling ever. I'm down.

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