News of the World Official Trailer // Reaction & Review

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Dustin and Wendy review the official trailer for “News of the World”, directed by Paul Greengrass. Starring Tom Hanks and Helena Zengel.
Watch the official trailer here ⬇️:

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Chris Lamkin says:

A little too much talking

Jacob Colson says:

Was the film Dustin talking about with Jodie Foster called Nell?

dani williams says:

it looks very good and i love the cinematography for this film

Luise Ehlerding says:

you should see the first movie of the "little girl" Helene Zengel:
she's so strong!

Αλέξης Κυριαζής says:

You should watch Syster Crasher and you won't believe what Helena Zengel is able to do. Loveless level of pain.

Darcy Bloppers says:

would love to see you guys react to the cup of cheer trailer!!

Tom Cody says:

Helena Zengel – with her (then) 11years, she is already the youngest award winner ever of the "Lola" in 2020, the most important movie-award here in Germany. Tom Hanks was full of praise for here.
The trailer looks fantastic. Can't wait to see these two in a western. Hopefully, this time in a movie theatre and not some random streaming-service (which is the reason, why I don't have seen "Greyhound" yet).

Christopher Mendez says:

The only thing Tom Hanks cannot do is give a bad performance in a movie. This has Oscar written all over it.

Sian Day says:

This looks so good and the trailer made me emotional for some strange reason hahaha.

Şeriff the Hufflepuff says:

Wow the music made everything more exciting I love it

Rocker C Te Reo says:

Male version of Meryl……

Peter RETRO Palmiotti says:

How can you not love Tom Hanks and all his excellent movies. I'll catch this for sure.
But I am hoping he'll do a comedy next, the World defiantly needs it.

Max Drats says:

Clearly aimed at the old white men of the academy.

Maverick Mathematica says:

Is Tom Hanks the best actor of all time yet? He's gotta be in the conversation!

Ethan Ostrom says:

I was actually lucky to be in a test screening for this film a month ago and this film was utterly fantastic! I definitely recommend you see it when it comes out(safely of course)

xy28 says:

Love that t-shirt Dustin is wearing haha gonna have to look for that online, and always love you guys content!

Vanja Kostjuk says:

Great movie probably.

Gary Leyh says:

Hadn't heard of this but Tom Hanks in a western…SOLD! Looks great. Haven't seen a good western un a while or Tom for that matter. I can't wait.

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