MY SPY Trailer #1 NEW (2019) Dave Bautista Comedy Movie HD

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MY SPY Trailer #1 NEW (2019) Dave Bautista Comedy Movie HD

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hasham333 says:

Batista is getting refined.

The Lahores says:

Awesome man

kevin soller says:

Batista is not a actor his a big baby in movies hahahaha

Adrian B says:

this looks fun

kobi archer et says:

How much did he pay for that hair transplant. He didn't have that much hair in WWE.

Michael Nguyen says:

Dave is awesome! This looks good I my opinion. He’s a really good actor

Diego Ivan Perez says:

Grande Batista!!

rohan kesh says:

Give me what i want

Venz Daiki says:

so dave got 2 movies in 2019? the stuber and this?

Muhammad Ali says:

Dave is the best actor that came from pro-wrestling, he put The Rock and John Cena in shame, he plays better movies year by year, feeling sorry that he is getting old

JJ Stuart on Writing says:

About time he got his own movie. Definitely looking forward to seeing this. Good job Dave!

bored1ca says:

So this is the movie he was filming in Toronto. Not bad – just too bad Ken Jeong is in it, that dude simply isn't funny.

MStreppelhoff says:

My turn… 😀

Ahmed Towfiq says:

Drax vs John Cena, who wins?

hary 50 jai says:

Dave is getting quite good success

Roman Olvera says:

did Batista get a face stretch?

davedave83 says:

"This looks like the wedding at the end of Shrek" made me LOL

Tmax asaoka says:

funny lol..

Haxwell Eddison says:

It's almost like there's an EXACT pathway a pro wrestler must take from WWE to Hollywood. And it starts with kids movies.

Enownfor Manyi-oben says:

When's the release date?

GEMfanatica says:

This is the kinda role the Rock used to play, now it's passed on to Dave!

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