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MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted – Kenneth Branagh and Daisy Ridley star in a film that takes place on a lavish train ride full of class, beauty, and a MURDER MYSTERY! The Double Toasted podcast try to refrain from putting on their monocles for this review as they go in depth for this film in this funny video!

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The Sunday Service – 11-12-17

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GrayWoIf says:

Poirot show just a few episodes? They literally covered every single book it took decades

AutoRingMagazine says:

Martin is on point about William Dafoe and I agree with the review totally.

Northern Light says:

Great review.

belle mcellis says:

INSPECTOR GADGET with a rat on his lip.
What an insult to POIROT.

Johnny Utah says:

Daisy Ridley can go fuck herself!!

She can try her best, but she can’t hide that deep-ass voice??

keychainere says:

This shows the cultural difference between uk and US. This stuff is dead famous in the U.K. Up there with Sherlock.

Damola Aderinwale says:

movie has hella boring, worst movie I have seen this year.

C.K. Brooke says:

My husband & I saw an early matinee of this and agree with every word Martin said. (Including the part about us being the youngest ppl in the theater!) Low matinee. Depressing ending… also, the whodunnit was too much like the 3rd alternate ending of Clue lol.

Master SHANGO says:

I want to see Korey respond to Louis C.K 's "I Love You Daddy".

Kutlu Mızrak says:

Spoilers for an 80 year old book:

They ALL killed the victim. One stab per person.

Pelle Svedén says:

Stupid illiterate US-americans…don't you know anything?

Tise Ignite says:

I read death on the nile a fews years back when i was in school. Agatha's crime series was one of the few series i was willing to read. I thought this movie was good.

William Dalebout says:

This book is already a hundred years old though and everyone knows who did it.

Arthur Jenkins says:

Murder on the Orient Express
Full Movie in_HD➥

Laurens Sipahelut says:

Just say it isn't 'Blade Runner 2049'. That'll cover the gist.


23:58 Same for my theater too

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