Mulan II – Disneycember

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The most painful Disney sequel to sit through. NO…JOKE. Doug screams at Mulan II.

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Lara says:

Who knew it would take Mulan II to finally break Doug…

Herr Hurbig says:

It's been over 10 years when I've last seen this movie and I was just a little girl. Your video clearly explains why it's shit, but for some reason I really enjoyed it back then. Probably would not now though.

Rynn21 says:

Mushu sucks. He's so evil and selfish as far as I'm concerned. Idk how he can be a sidekick.

新藤実幸 says:

oh my god

what terrible sequel

Fairy on Ice says:

Mulan 2 doesn’t exist. Only Mulan is a thing.

No Snakeu Allowed bts Sucks! says:

I actually liked Mulan 2

Robert McIntosh says:

Honestly, I really enjoyed the film. I do agree about them not making clear if Mushu used his act to unify the kingdoms but they do address what some royal figures have to go through that they may not like doing. I think it's a nice Sunday at home kind of film.

TheMidnightwolf15 says:

It did ruin the message of the first one. Though now they are remaking the first Mulan into live-action. I don't know how I feel about that cause I really like the first Mulan. I've re-watched the first Mulan way more than the sequel.

Michael McCarty says:

A perhaps controversial case for the superiority of the Mulan sequel to the original:

Mulan was a cliched girl power movie that took place in one of the least plausible settings for such a story to occur: Medieval China, which second only to Medieval Japan was the worst possible place to tell a story that couldn't happen. The main character's lowest point is immediately after she single-handedly kills an entire army, thereby turning the tide of an unwinnable battle, and saving China. Then the Liar Revealed Trope, one of the worst Tropes out there, changes the entire attitude of love interest prince guy, and causes him to turn his back on the chick who just SAVED CHINA BY KILLING AN ENTIRE ARMY BY HERSELF!!! I don't care how backwards and regressive you are, even Medieval Chinese Aristocracy should have enough brain cells to know that her being a chick SHOULDN'T MATTER.

But how does Mulan convince everyone of this? By doing the exact same thing and saving China again, because the first time may have been a fluke that a girl breaks the rules of girlness and saves China, and saving China is no excuse for breaking the rules. But the second time, well, okay MAYBE you can break the rules.

The theme of the movie's plot is weak, tired, poorly explored and poorly resolved.

Now the sequel? Before I talk about that, I want to make a disclaimer that I don't necessarily think that Mulan2 is good, I just think that Mulan1 is bad and that the sequel has more going for it. The theme in the sequel is compromising ideals. Mulan thinks that the ideals of duty and patriotism should take a back seat to the ideals of true love. LoveInterestPrinceGuy disagrees, and things that your duty should usurp your selfish desire for true love. This conflict is put to the ultimate test when LIPG(LoveInterestPrinceGuy) discovers that their mission is being sabotaged by Mulan. He decides that their love is going to end poorly, and decides to cancel the wedding.

When disaster strikes, Mulan believes LIPG to be dead, and she regrets their quarrels. Still, without his domineering focus on the mission, she takes the opportunity to free the princesses from their duty to marry into an alliance with a neighboring king and follow their hearts while she takes their responsibility to marry into that alliance. Mulan learns that self sacrifice is necessary in relationships because her stubbornness caused the fracture of her own relationship, and the apparent death of her love. Now she wholeheartedly embraces duty that she had previously thought less important.

BUT THE TWIST! LIPG did not die, and when he hears of Mulan's selfless act of duty, he realizes that he was wrong about her. She does have a sense of duty, it just took his death to bring it out. He decides that he cannot let such a girl go, and he must compromise his dedication to duty and prevent the wedding for the sake of love.

Both characters go through the arc of the discovery that compromise is necessary, but the theme doesn't stop there. Mushu, the mastermind behind the sabotage in the mission, realizes that his own selfish desire to keep his own job as defender of Mulan's family should not usurp his duty to see Mulan happily married to LIPG. So he masquerades as the Golden Dragon of Unity to Deus Ex Machina everyone together with their spouses of choice and still grant alliance between the two kingdoms.

Now the theme and character arcs are not without problems. Mulan's discovery that Mushu was responsible for her breakup with LIPG rings hollow since she was still willing to go against LIPG's wishes and her own orders to safely escort the princesses to the neighboring kingdom and ensure the marriage takes place. It was not Mushu that caused their disagreement; it was Mushu's fault that Mulan got caught breaking the rules. Also, the resolution of the conflict between duty and love is entirely one-sided in favor of love. None must sacrifice but Mushu in the end, and even he is saved by LIPG's contrived lawyering. There is no consequence for no politically expedient marriage ever taking place, nor any price to pay for following one's heart in spite of ones duty. Ultimately, it's still a Disney Movie with all the Disney Cliches but without the Disney budget that the original had. Still, for all this, the movie came together much better than the original.

gor9027 says:

This movie and Hunchback 2 are completely painful to sit through. The writers and animators just completely forgot what made the originals great.


Mullan 2 was the worst. It was just…..terrible. i loved the first but……

binkyboy448 says:

This sequel blew Doug like Doug blew his mic.

PKMN Trainer Mark says:

I haven't even started the review yet and I'm already glad I never saw this movie.

Jungle Hunter says:

Oh, a Disney related video.

Oh, I get immediately flooded with Screen Rant and Watchmojo.

Sofaris says:

I actually thought the alliance was still forged without the marriage because Mushu told them to do so when he played the golden Dragon of unity ore whatever its called.

Joshua kelly says:

Amen, Doug. Amen

Thomas Huffman says:

2:58 that should be a meme!

becsbabe7465 says:

fun fact. I never was able to see the original mulan until years later.

This was my introduction into mulan.

Dexter Knight-Richard says:

Holy tucking shit, this is exactly how I feel. Thank you so much.

iateyursandwiches says:

I know! Brave isnt my favorite movie, but at least Brave kind of addressed the issue of the arranged marriage as the "only" way to save them by Meriada insisting that they could figure out a new way.

Hannah Balagtas says:

your wrong ??? tha,t true love

SonKevi422 C says:

Lauren Tom is one of the 3 princesses in this movie she also plays Andi Mack as Ceci the Grandma

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