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Join director Niki Caro as she talks about the making of Disney’s thrilling, live-action “Mulan” in the new featurette “Epic Filmmaking.” Feel free to share the featurette with your readers!

Starting September 4, with Premier Access, viewers can watch “Mulan” before it’s available to all Disney+ subscribers. Disney+ will offer Premier Access to “Mulan” for $29.99 on and select platforms.








Akash Dew says:

Telegram jindabaad

Celeste Heron says:

Also I live in Canada and I thought this was going to theatres Because some countries will not That coronavirus Cases are not as bad will get Mulan in theatres so I thought We would see this in theatres here in Canada but when I checked Disney+ for Mulan after seeing A image of the 2020 Mulan on Disney+ and mentioning how you have to pay for $30 I was kind of like OK I’m going to check if Mulan is coming to Disney+ here in Canada and it is which is weird because I thought it was coming to theatres because here in Canada we’re not as bad with corona cases

Lilly Bug says:

Lol I realized an ad abut this movie

filmfan416 209 says:

Mmm im not as hyped for this as i am for black widow cause of the recent downfall of aladin but if its good then i will watch it

Taylor Peterson says:

I can’t wait to see theatrical releases!

ReversoZN says:

Disney+ no Brasil, a expectativa tá grande 😄🙏

Jose Gregorio Afonso Curbelo says:

it's a shame it doesn't hit theaters 😥😥😥😥😥 I hope that next year Disney will make its next theatrical releases.

Isaiah Herrero says:

I can’t wait til it comes out for free.

Jose Gregorio Afonso Curbelo says:

I hope it arrives soon
DVD & Blu-ray as always after their theatrical releases

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