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Mortal Kombat 2021 – Official Trailer | 4K. The first trailer for Mortal Kombat is now here and the 2021 film looks like a blast. Let us know your thoughts on the first look teaser below.

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Mortal Kombat is a mysterious, intergalactic tournament of ancient martial arts. Shaolin Monk Liu Kang, from Earth, gets invited as a competitor.


Heavy Spoilers says:

Let us know your thoughts on the first look below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel

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Thomas Bicket says:

Where's my boi Johnny?

jon Doe says:

Yeeeees rated mofo R…. but what's up with Hollywood and having a whiteness hero?

Proximo says:

Scorpio vs Sub-Zero 👥

mario ozuna says:

Sounds like he says get out of here and not get over here

• Rá• says:

A campainha ta tocando

Joaquín Gaona says:

Where is jhonny?

Michael Ardenté says:

This looks good. It's about time they put some effort into creating a new Mortal Kombat film. It's been long enough.

Nina Jos says:

This gives me fucking anxiety!! So excited and shitting bricks at the same dam time 🤦🏾‍♀️😒👀

MaTcHuMeN 0210 says:

I’m a little scared of what they changed with Mileena. From the looks of it, she doesn’t seem to have Tarkatan teeth nor does she seem to be Kitana’s clone. At least from this movie trailer.

SuperNinjaboy04 says:

Where's Nitara?

Itz Ken says:

April needs to hurry up 😂

mufasa strato says:


Versa Shuuk says:

when is this out?

Jay Forbes says:

Oh 100% I’m going to see this and it comes out on my Birthday

One step closer says:

Joe Taslim as sub zero. Proud to be Indonesian

Montross says:

How is this worse than the 1995 version?

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