Miraculous season 4 "GUILTRIP"🐷Official Trailor🐝

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Shanelle Serrano says:

This episode is gonna be awesome cause a new miraculous holder will show up…..eeekkk I can't wait 😂

Sadeep Sadeep says:

I can't wait to see see the episode

Aleiris Ayala says:

I think everyone is being nice to Rose is because she has cancer

miraculous Kitty cat noir and ladybug says:

Why everyone is being so nice to rose 🤔

Hay E says:

And still, they refuse to give us a proper clip of Pigella

Michael Baddack says:

I can’t wait to see this episode

Marrinette dupain cheng says:

I think this episode will be awesome I can't wait

Faraz Mirza says:

Spelling of Trailer is wrong

Arti Awasthi says:

By the plot this episode is pretty confusing it looks like juleka is jealous of rose and by the previous trailer it looked like juleka was hiding something from rose wait a second maybe all people are treating rose good and its all because of that secret maybe that's why juleka is not telling rose about that secretits just my theory.

Nibedita Bhuyan says:

Juleka is jealous of rose!!!!!! as you all can see, when Adrien said hello, Marinette hug & Kim given a bag to rose, juleka was Jealousp!!!!!!!!

Jyoti parkash says:

It would be fun to see this episodes

Nooroo World says:

First view first like and first comment

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