MARVEL NETFLIX SERIES All Comic Con Trailers (2016) The Defenders, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist

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Marvel Netflix Series All Comic Con 2016 Trailers – 2016 Netflix Series

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Laza dm says:

and jessica jones

Mettemeres says:

where can I find the picture on the tbumbnail?

Yoshi Pogi says:

Dang on the last episode of daredevil season 2 i think elektra will be alive i hope so xD.

Maisonier says:

I love Wilson Fisk

Randy Rogers says:

Daredevil looks creepy as FUCK in the thumbnail

Sandy Rodriguez says:

Anyone can help get the daredevil picture in the thumbnail? It should be awesome as a wallpaper

urbanink hd says:

like si te pensabas que era en español

LordBaron says:

Iron Fist??

ᴍᴏɴᴋᴇʏ ᴅ. ʟᴜғғʏ《Fᴜᴛᴜʀᴇ Pirate King》 says:

WTF is with that Daredevil thumbnail image 😨😨😨😨

Vitor Almeida says:

Sad to think how much better Daredevil is compared to a series like Luke Cage, how much sober and well produced… Marvel has to stop developing 80% of their products targeting children audience, 50% is enough.

Jaime Holguin says:

Nice collage man!

moldvox says:

why use Seattle music? should've used cop shoot cop, or foetus.

Marco lara says:

I love where this is going.

The defenders

Blakkheim says:

Frank Castle needs his own netflix show. Can't wait for dare devil 3!

deep32 says:

come as you are

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