Love and Monsters – Exclusive Clip | PS Video

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Pre-Order Love and Monsters now. Available to Buy or Rent October 16 from PlayStation™ Store.


Prince Andrew says:

wow this ps5 graphics gave me goosebumps

Ashwin Hema says:

Hey Greeny
Whats up👍👍

kartik rawat says:

why i heard a clicker sound when that monster opened its mouth XD

nathan alvarado says:

I wonder does anybody under 20 even play the PlayStation

TLM says:


Hall.p says:

Now THIS is next gen

JIMIN. says:

Caraí jogo com o Histiles tem que ser OBRIGATÓRIO de Incrível

Platinum says:


DrPotato says:


4K Productions says:

Love the graphics 😁

Fidato says:

Nice graphics. I'll definitely play this game.

StarLightFire says:

1.) Is this a remake of Tremors?
2.) Why does that look like the weird hand baby thing from Dark Souls 3?

zy king says:

Woahh 😍😍😍 And Its Not Available In My Country 👍👍👍

SamDeFallenNumbers says:

Bruh moment did movies on ps store e en existed?

John Doe says:

This is obviously just a movie clip, but I wonder how long before we see this type of graphics in games. Any guesses?

Curious2Dream says:

Wikipedia says: "Love and Monsters is an upcoming post-apocalyptic action romantic comedy".

The War Machine says:

Maze Runner

Auther Fleck says:

Did he drop the teenage lol?

Joshua Martin says:

Imagine a maze runner PS5 game

sakhile says:

these graphics are just stupendous

Pix Main says:

This is the best game of the year

Alexis Saldivar says:

Buenardo, dios mio esta buenisima jajaja, ya quiero verla al completo

Paulo says:

Tremors reboot ?

Lee Shunmugam says:

His acting talents are getting wasted by fantasy trash.

Laugh and learn Kck says:

2 minutes silence for those who thought it is a real game 😥😥

Bumi says:

the dog deserves an oscar

TAZ M says:

Getting I am legend flashbacks to will and his dog in the bath tub

ichigo kurosaki says:

And that's how the movie wnds

Last Strand says:

PlayStaion: Shows an exclusive movie clip

Everyone: WoW tHe PS5 GrApHiCs LoOk SoOoO rEaL!

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