LONG WEEKEND Trailer (2021) Romance Movie

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LONG WEEKEND Trailer (2021) Romance Movie
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Miggy Sevilla says:

Where can I watch???

Earl Green says:

“This is a good day to get a shot.” These words will be simple innocuous encouragement to get a jab (vaccine shot) or a serious joke about everyday life in the ghettos of the world. The lady leader who said these words meant the former but you get my point. Christianeese (Christian talk) also portrays our life in CHRIST that most can’t identify with, but it’s a reality that we must all live/die with before it’s too late. So, do you go, and dismiss this all this as mumbo-jumbo, white man religion, slavery, a crutch? Or do you embrace the meaning of life? The life is in the language of LOVE.

John Paul says:

shes actually a trans

HeyIt'sLey says:

Hey does anybody know the name of the song at 0:34 I like it but don't know it

Lala P says:

Looks corny

Игорь Шардыко says:

guys, why don't you write some description… in the description section? Actors, director, concise plot?

Riverotter says:

does every white guy in a movie like this have a black friend?

abider1 says:

Looks predictable 💨

איילת אוברמן says:

Penny and brad! 😍😯😍😮

Juliette Lumeau says:

I could give it a shot… but with some apprehension.

Maria Sanu says:


C-light says:

The last sentence…I-

Tiana roberge roberge says:

The nut job 3 movie march

Tiana roberge roberge says:

Live action hunchback of notre dame may 28 2021 reastdate

CellarDoorPoet says:

I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop and for Finn Wittock turning into the psycho we know and love from AHS: freak show.

De' Sean Barrow says:


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