LIVE BY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Review

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LIVE BY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW – Ben Affleck is back and it’s a whole new year for new movies and Affleck may have a lot in store for us in 2017. We all know that we will see Affleck return as Batman in more than one of his upcoming movies, and although the Double Toasted podcast have given a reaction to not the first trailer but trailer 2 of Live By Night, it’s the same song and dance when it comes to these gangster movies and the here we are with a review. Is this going to be worth your time? The DT crew reveal it’s quality, or lack thereof, to you in this funny video!

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The Movie Review Extravaganza! – 1-11-17

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Dmitri Lessy says:

is it LIVE by night or LIVE by night?

how do you read it?

Acin101 says:

I can always expect a good laugh watching these guys especially Corey

Darrius Cooper says:

This movie feels like it was made by an SJW. Probably because it was.

robinsl27 says:

im not understanding why ben crapleck still acts. The guy is stiff, wooden, and non emotional. it worked for him in gone girl, but in most of his movies he doesn't seem to get how to act and he has been acting since he was a teenager.

J Man says:

That Affleck Batman movie might end up being very underwhelming.

Eamon Powers says:

I love the way Patrick sits next to Korey with that uncomfortable expression and only speaks nervously when he's given a chance to talk. It makes it look like he's Korey's bitch. I can easily picture Korey dragging him around on a leash and slapping him when he speaks out of line. And it's HILARIOUS.

Kaden Overstreet says:

Either way I'm still excited for The Batman

Ashraf Ssagala says:

You guys always have me in stitches ? dno how we not in the 100 thousands subs

Byron Jones Jr says:

I thought the fact that he was a gangster with a heart of gold added an interesting dynamic to his character. Me watching the movie I was saying to myself just because you not the one actually killing the people doesn't make you innocent in the situation. He was a bad guy taking out guys that are worst then he is.

Fred Mart says:

Hey can you make these video reviews not longer than 8 minutes plz and thank you

Carbon Instinct says:

I like Ben Afleck, but his acting talent has always been lukewarm.

hazeykun says:

Don't people find it weird the write/director….. uuuuusually writes themselves allot of sex scenes….

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