LET THEM ALL TALK Trailer (2020) Meryl Streep, Gemma Chan Drama Movie

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LET THEM ALL TALK Trailer (2020) Meryl Streep, Gemma Chan Drama Movie
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katey did says:

I do not have any desire to see these three dinosaurs for the rest of their lives Fck Hollywood

lalagonegaga says:

This looks confusing.

Redeye007 Collecting Movies says:

Is that Carrie fisher?

I Moon says:

Dinosaurs πŸ˜‚

Werderina says:

I can’t watch Meryl Streep any more. I just can’t. However, nomination guaranteed, I guess…

Vreeland Gardner says:

Talk about KARMA
a few months back on one of the talk shows Candice was telling stories about how years ago Donald Trump dated her
and of course she was very cruel and nasty, from the looks of her here, Donald is in a lot better shape than she is

Dachdog says:

Wow, 3 top actresses. Nice to see them all together.

Bey Sarah says:

"Did you always talk like that?" LOL

Becky Oexler says:

dont watch her anymore. what a witch. meryl……so sad

Marlon Wilson says:

Is it me or does this look like Meryl Streep is impersonating a female version Bill Nighy? His style seems to be a real source of inspiration for many actors at the moment. Maybe it's just the trailer cut.

Genevieve R. says:

Meryl Streep called out Harvey Weinstein during an award acceptance speech. She called him β€œGod” and gave all credit to him for her career.

Momo Flowers says:

At first I was sure this was a Woody Allen movie… but Steven S!? Sign me up! Stellar cast and great story line. 😊

k tom says:

Looks awesome.

abider1 says:

Maybe they meet Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon on the ship πŸ˜‰

Michael Schneider says:

Candice! yay!…Diane, you too….Meryl, well Meryl. There you have it.

Jill Kessler says:

Damn. No credit love for Charlie Tahan??

brian p says:

Love candice but she has gotten a lot bigger. Still cool tho

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