Lego Star Wars Leaks Summer 2021 (Bad Batch Shuttle, Moff Gideon Cruiser, UCS Gunship, Maul, & More

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Wow. This is insane. We just got a ton of rumored and leaked Lego sets for the Star Wars Summer 2021 wave. Fans have been hoping for lots of Clone Wars and Mandalorian sets, and Lego definitely delivered. We are getting an Ashoka vs Darth Maul set from the Clone Wars, a Slave I, Bad Batch shuttle, Mandalorian fighter, and an 18+ Darth Vader set?! Yes!!!

What set are you most excited for? Comment it down below!

All of these leaks came from M&R – full list:
75307 – Advent Calendar $40
75308 – UCS R2-D2 $200
75309 – UCS Republic Gunship? $350
75310 – Mandalore Throne & Vault $20
75311 – Imperial Troop Transport $40
75312 – Slave 1 $50
75313 – UCS Death Star? OR AT-AT? $800
75314 – Bad Batch Shuttle $100
75315 – Moff Gideon’s Cruiser $160
75316 – Mandalorian Fighter $60
75319 – Unknown? $30
75369 – Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber

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TheLegoBrick says:

Which of these sets are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments! And check out yesterday's leak video here:

Mr OtterStche says:

Not fair not fair not fair $100 for bad batch ima be broke later…..

estpro12345 says:

hope that 30$ set is a clone battle pack.

BenjaminB says:

great video man! super excited for summer its gonna be so good!

Clonestar 4013 says:

Awesome! I subbed 🙂

TAP animations says:

This is a great vid good job

Mediochrist says:

But do you think may 4th promo could come with blue milk luke👀👀

SithAssassin25 says:

Are these real?

Bricktastic says:

I’m hyped for these sets!

Oh Yeah Nahui! says:

The 30 Dollar set could be an imperial battlepack or Another Clone legion or something from mandelorian

Faisal Lego Production says:

Finally good sets! I am excited for the clone wars and the moff geidian light cruiser😃!!

The Lego Brit says:

Awesome video! This is a fantastic line up of a sets, and I’m starting to save up now! 😉

Oliver The gaming guy says:

Pretty excited for the ucs r2-d2, I’ve wanted all of the previous droid sets but I never have. I might try to get it for my birthday this year because it comes out the same month

KlipsFilms Melbourne says:

Crosshair needs that rangefinder antenna and if LEGO finally make early phase 2 helmets customisation that would be awesome

Darth maul needs monkey kid hilt for maul giving him a long hilt piece if not the maul scream KENOBIIIIII

Brick Master says:

Nice video! These sets sound really cool! New subscriber!

The Clone Studs says:

I don't really think I would buy the bad batch since there already some good looking knockoffs for like a buck , BUT slave one for 50 bucks is definitely on my list

AlphaDawg says:

I want the more Gideon cruiser

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