LAST MAN DOWN Official Trailer (2021) Virus Movie

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Starring: Daniel Stisen as John Wood.
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LAST MAN DOWN Official Trailer (2021) Virus

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Dominick Izzo says:

Excellent to see testosterone back in cinema!

pepito pito ratoncito says:

buuuuuuhhh. this movie no have any important only s&$#/t

Arie Friyan says:

So this is like protect sinovac?

Kenneth Douglas says:

Wouldn't the last man be the one standing??

humble Vegeta says:

Ladies and gentlemen…. I believe we have found.. Our wolverine 🙏🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Nick white says:

He should be The MCU hercule I will definitely watching this it looks awesome.

Son Mai says:


quityourfuckincryin says:

Omg that looks horrible

B T says:

I won't watch a movie with people wearing masks 🤣

Jonathan Dondlinger says:

Is just like rambo but in a worst way…dumb movie…

Bronze Tiger says:

"Straight outta the 80's".

Marek Connell says:

You cannot be serious?!!! This looks sh@t!

amos mwangi says:

Can you produce and direct an action film
Stephen seagal:say no more

Antwon Parker says:

He dies in the end she lives… nothing to see here.

Kyanfam _2 says:

Well ain’t this shit almost spot on control the virus control the world and some jack wagon that wants to control the world

Championxeneixe says:

I will not watch an stupid movie where the stupid actors using a stupid mask.

kapuzinergruft says:

Arnold Schwarzenegger for the poor

Obscure Mars says:

Is that Dolph Schwarzenstallonedam?

Irakliy Alpenidze says:

It’s enough to see fake fireball from firearms to understand the movie will be suck

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