LA LA Land Movie Review

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We review LA LA Land, one of the most talked about movies of the year! Starring Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone, directed by Damien Chazelle.

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Matthew Hughes says:

The ending of this movie made me cry so much

MrPlayinthevillain says:

I know everyone knows this by now but Ryan did play every piano part in the film

ANDRE1 says:

Yes there are better musicals out there but La La Land is my favorite musical of my era and that really touched me

ProDoucher says:

i was trying to watch the review and they started to spoil on whiplash so i am gone


i think the people expecting to like it will be dissapointed and the people like me expecting to hate will love it as it is not so superficial as the trailer suggests it reminds me of donny darko the more times you watch it the more you get out of it its like a pet sounds of movies its hard to take everything in one watching

Saurabh S says:

Watched this movie with my ex 3 months ago, walked out of the movie feeling lovey. Watched it again today, left feeling depressed.

Right Writer says:

So happy Emma Stone won for this!!!

Ericuttie says:

Cried of boredom

Ro G says:

I don't like musicals, but this movie was fantastic! Emma Stone was tremendous, showing a ton of emotional range. The "what they call an 11 pm song" had me looking for whomever was cutting onions in the theater. And if I ever find that person…

Ankita Jain says:

Saw the movie, still figuring out why everyone's going bonkers over it! I get that it's very practical and close to reality, but I guess it was just average! I'm certainly hooked to the music made it magical and enchanting! Anyone with me here?

The Hunters says:

did they even watch the movie the way they talk about it I bet they payed someone to watch it for them and take notes

luka lotze says:

This movie is terrible!!!!

Fab14630 says:

Amazing movie . PERIOD . And that is NOT an " alternative fact " !

Victor Meza says:

Wiplash is not about music, is about control. The music is only a field in wich the main history take place. Otherwise, the point of the film submits to an empty shell of a movie, a failed portrait of music. The same with La la land. It's about life, breaking apart and pulling toghether, an universal struggle. I think that he's going to win best director (and best picture), and everthing that involves sound. Sorry 'bout my english, I'm from Venezuela, still learning… Greeting. By the way, Not even The wall street journal understand Wiplash, so i'm in shock about the failed empaty this days, and the contemplation of art. Luckly, some folks dig it…

Edward Kim says:

mediocre music, mediocre singing, common and unoriginal story, panders to the KPCC NPR audience,

Robert China says:

This movie is so great it will have you saying "AGAIN" over and over. They're singing… again? They're dancing… again? They're at Ryan Goslings apartment…again? I never seen so many people walk out of an so called romantic movie and play on their cellphones. Everyone comments on the cinematics only for a reason. Although thank you John Legend for waking me up.

jovanie silva says:

Great movie, but you guys NEED to admit that this movie has plenty of flaws.

BeatsNDance says:

I loved pretty much everything about this movie but I kind of wish it would have ended in a more optimistic way. The main characters chemistry was just too good to not end up together… And I couldn't leave the theater with the good feeling I had throughout the movie because of the ending unfortunately. I can appreciate the somewhat realistic depiction of struggle as an artist but it did not feel good at all and I obviously wanted them to end up together. Otherwise I loved it and was not disappointed.

Black Mass Gaming. says:

5 bafta's

Dorks says:

omg I love this and now the have a history breaking 7 golden globes and nominated for 14 academy awards!! And I LOVE the movie it has this something about it that just makes your sing /dance and just have all the feelings!! This is a throw back and a gimps at reality all in the same time!!

Heather REED says:

Lol what he can play the piano?!?!?!? He has a band? HELLO!! Great movie! Dead mans bones is the name of his band.

Banyan Tree says:

everyone looses thier mind when bollywood make these type of movies

Abel Weston says:

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Dirk Meatwhistle says:

Its a good but not great movie, it's this years Crash in that it'll be looked back on as why did it get so many kudos

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