KNIVES OUT Official Trailer (2019) Chris Evans, Daniel Craig Movie HD

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KNIVES OUT Official Trailer (2019) Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Rian Johnson, Ana de Armas, Katherine Langford Movie HD
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Average Walkthrougher says:

Love you 3000

Hilda Natasha says:

Steve wouldn’t like that language

Still Alive Studio says:

This is a massive ensemble…

Jackeline Marley Araújo says:

What's the song's name?

tovahtovahtovah says:

Murder mystery – Netflix

Hannia Malik says:

Definitely eat sHiT

Brachial Plexus says:

captain america meets james bond, what a twist… hahahahhhhh

confusing fate says:

Chris: "Just….eat shit, all of you"

journey begins Here says:

Chris Evans is enigmatic here

Cynic Snacks says:

I wonder how many expectations are going to be subverted by this stinker?

Marcia Pze says:

Wow this casts is so diverse! Loved that we have younger actors/actresses and some very very talented actors and actresses here! LOVE IT!

Ajith Thomas says:

From the guy who directed The Last Jedi and Looper…..


Melodie Montes says:

Lol 1:05 is the best, I love Chris Evans!

Izzy Bobizzy says:

Why isn't anyone recognizing the fabulous Toni Collette!?

Ami Dark says:

Damn, Alternate Earth Steve Rogers is a dick.

Attila Szilágyi says:

Well, this seems to be a huge failure to me. A big mistake. Sorry for everyone playing in it, working on it, or being so miserable as to humiliating herself watching it. What a pity…

Edurne Ace says:

Toni Colette and Jamie Lee Curtis
I'm so so ready for this

banerry says:

Can you honestly expect that no one gets killed when you decorate your house with WHEEL OF KNIVES

Nyla Poonsingh says:

I think chris is cool but if I get ah captain Trinidad too

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