Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Kingsman: The Golden Circle, starring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges. Directed by Matthew Vaughn.


Matthew Lynch says:

This movie is phenomenal

lizardking939 says:

Chris, did you get a chance to watch the featurettes on the Blu-ray? They mention that the original cut of the movie was over 4 hours long and there were serious discussions about release it as two separate films. Do you feel as though you have enjoyed 2 slightly more fleshed out films rather than 1 (2 1/2 hour) film with every extraneous detail stripped out?

B La says:

Chris stuckmann please review a scanner darkly it's so fucking awesome man trust me you will love it its a cult classic if you love Donnie darko you will love this movie

charlie 210405 says:

Deserves a A+ aswell as the first

Thomas Gondeck says:

Honestly, I thought that the villain was really menacing. She literally had a guy put his friend into a meat grinder and eat a burger made out of his friend's… meat, establishing her evilness, and since she had soooo many people on the chain with the virus and having the antidote but not releasing it until certain conditions were met, she felt really powerful, since she had the whole world around her finger.

thereisnocarolinHR says:

Hated this movie. Wouldn’t say I loved the first one but I definitely liked it and felt this could have been so good. But it tried way too hard to be edgier, grosser, and more shocking which at some point it all ceases to be because i started expecting bullshit stuff to happen. Channing Tatum was teased so hard and completely underused, i find eggsy even blander in this one so he can’t carry, but he steals time from all the more interesting new characters. And they fucked over Pedro pascal. That one is just unforgivable. Also it’s so preachy. And the logical fallacies were super abundant. A flick of the wrist from whatshisface’s robotic arm with a bowling ball and it pulverizes a 20 foot thick wall but he can full strength punch eggsy and it’s like “lol that tickles bruv”.Hate it.

Jay Allen says:

I personally loved Julianne in it, I think mainly because she is non-chalant, she doesn't really care and th fact that she stays in her hideout makes it seem like she is the mastermind that has everything sorted out and can control places without even moving that far

Imaad Shahrukh says:

Chris, you missed out the poor treatment of Roxy by stuffing her in the fridge and making Eggsy marry that generic spoiled Swedish princess.

Κωνσταντινος Γονιδακης says:

A c?????? Wtf dude. Go jerk off a little. Try to relax. That was a very good movie…. I'm disappointed with you

Rectus Rectumius says:

Julianne Moore the perfect MILF.

Louis McFall says:

the whole movies in on a weed nug. im not joking its fucking inseption

destroyer da 1st says:

An A++ because I am not a person that is very judgey

Satisek says:

Fuck you, this movie was fucking awesome, I dont regret a single cent I spend on seeing it. Why is that everytime I see a movie and enjoy the shit out of it, every fucking reviewer dislikes it?

paul Smith says:

Just watched it, its awful.

Michael :v says:

I did love this movie but I understand the bad things about it, the script writing maybe could have been better but hey nothing we can do now

Lester Jester says:

Finally got around to see this. There is a lot going on, but the pace and beautiful cinematography and action kept me engaged the entire time through. I would definitely see it again. I would give it a B over a C, and hope for a third to close out the series.

Chris Redfield says:




I dont care what the reviews say.

Pancake Protector 4 - Star Wars Battlefront 2 says:

This movie was awesome I loved it

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