Kids Movie Moments That Only Adults Will Understand COMPILATION

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Kids Movie Moments That Only Adults Will Understand COMPILATION
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Disney movies are supposed to be for kids, right? While that might have been the idea originally, it seems like the studio has been more and more keen to crank out content for the whole family to enjoy. While this sometimes means more compelling and mature stories, it often also means some very targeted and often risqué adult jokes. For this list, we are taking a look at some of the best ones for our video of 10 Disney Moments That Only Adults Will Understand. We hope you enjoy this list and be sure to subscribe to Screen Rant for more awesome content, every single day!

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Screen Rant says:

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Richard Chisenhall says:

Anyone else realize the Madagascar reference describes the wrong part of the movie? That line is when they arrive on the beach but not bc Alex wants to eat Marty but bc it was Marty running away that resulted in their transfer and their detour to Madagascar he was just angry not hungry

edmund suarez says:

How about the joke about multiplying fast in zootopia? That was really blatant.

Jessica Jenkins says:

the witches from hocus pocus weren't burned at the stake… they were hung

ConTDM says:

You just made me want to Google it

ConTDM says:

I am currently a tennage boy and I don't even understand


Why do I understand all this?

Mr. Grenadier says:

Pretty sure lemon party is about cars that are bad lemons? They dont function right?

NUKE BOY says:

In the Santa clause me and my friend watched it at a Christmas party in school we laughed when h said that

Billy The kid says:

It was petter pans sword not “petter”

Seyi Omoshebi says:

"Lemon Party is one thing that you should NEVER GOOGLE…" googles it

benito franco says:

I understood almost all of these by the time I was 16 but I did miss the “fuckwad” joke from Shrek and the joke in Guardians of the Galaxy. But possibly my favorite one is the one in Santa Clause:

“You’re flying!”

“It’s okay, I’m used to it. I lived through the 60s.”


But tht may be the stoner in me talking

Ethan Ritchie says:

I'm pretty sure you described the Madagascar scene wrong…

Wikterror 2807 says:

Feminists said so many things about zootopia , Its funny

damian sorrow says:

i horribly regret not taking ppls words into consideration

Alex Fapps says:

anyone else go rewatch madagascar because of this? OH SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA.

Tyler9299 says:

The lion king one is SFX not sex it's been explained a million times

Mr. Skittles says:

Well the rugrats thing was referring to the female baby saying they cut my cord (umbilical cord) and the dude was referring to his penis not a circumcision so it was still an innuendo but not the correct one

Calvin TNT says:

Im a kid and and i understood every thing

Gobay ESO says:

Lightning Mcqueen: Guys Doc won 3 Piston Cups!

Did anyone notice in the movie?

tosee upload says:

OMG, Rattatoui LOL

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