Justice League | official trailer Comic-Con (2017) Aquaman Flash Wonder Woman Batman Cyborg

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live from Comic-Con San Diego 2016: official trailer and sizzle for Justice League from the Warner Hall H presentation at Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego


sangeeth raveendran says:

Aquaman so daim hot…

Isabelly Santos. says:

Oi Tio fiz o que tu falou do Gmail pra recuperar meu canal.

Andrew Funnell says:

What is the song in the background???

arya stark says:

Jason, my man ♥️

Beatrice Reale says:

I can't believe they used affleck again. As if we didn't get enough of his bad acting. We don't like him in Boston or his buddies the Wahlbergs. Ugh.

Lyric's in The Bran-Canyon! says:

I think Vince Chase is the best Aquaman………..all jokes aside, was this a good movie or no?

rayva1 says:

Why’d they cast Affleck as Batman when he was originally Daredevil?

Nadia A says:

what if Roman Reigns also starts making movies…

Gil Galad says:

Es igual a la escena de Stark con Parker :v

Nic Neg says:

see more about its history here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5fdtbe



Arun Gopinathan says:

They just ruined the entire movie but gave us an epic trailer

Luna Norah says:

does anybody agree that's Ben Affleck should not be playing Batman anymore he should of even played as Batman in the first place

and I did not like Wonder Woman the movie and I'm pretty sure with these two their going to mess up the movie

Nicholas Nestoros says:

Steven Adams

Vallex ? says:

That's justice league

Mikey Estee says:

All I see now is aldo Jones' "weird trailer"

Tait Linn says:

F*ck you ben affleck. You poop eating pee drinking sh*t face sell out!!!! Your movies don't burn good either.

Beardedman says:

This movie sucks

Jefferson Ramon says:

Does someone know the name of the song in the background. Thanks.

Morgan Phillips says:

Bruce:Arthur Curry…I hear you can talk to fish.

Morgan Phillips says:

Barry: STOP right there, I'm in
Bruce: You are?…Just like that?!?!?
Barry: Yeah…I…I need…, friends.

Morgan Phillips says:

Diana: More more or more less
Bruce:…fight flashback…probably more less
Diana: He said no.
Bruce: He said no.

Morgan Phillips says:

For a guy who comes from the sea Aquaman sure is hot as hell 😉

iluminatti e seus postes says:

Marvel é melhor

Mochab001 says:

Ben Afflack Messed up the Movie!

لہۭۖہۭۖہٰ۫۬وآآء آآلہۭۖہٰ۫عہۗقہۭۖہٰ۫ربٰ says:

فلم كامل

Petar Lekic says:

I 'm not a racist , but Aquaman can't be black ….

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