Jurassic World movie review

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We all thought Jurassic park was extinct, but now we return to it in Jurassic World! Does it capture the feels of the first movie, or phone it in as a monster movie? Jeremy gives you his review for “Jurassic World”!

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Indiana Solo And the Fellowship of the Ewoks says:

Jurassic Park: Worth buying on blu-ray

The Lost World: Jurassic Park: Dogsh*t

Jurassic Park 3: Not gonna remember in T-minus 1 hour

Jurassic World: Good time no alcohol required

rants n' rambles says:

Man trains raptors from birth and can make them kind of behave with a clicker!! Pfft dumb! You realize people have trained killer whales to carry them with their nose and do party tricks right? Shit even my grandma has a half wolf that plays fetch.

rants n' rambles says:

I know what you mean about the moment when you know it’s not going to be good. I knew your review was moronic when you talked about the theme and “buildings”. It wasn’t the buildings they were showing you dope! It was people!! 3 movies and we haven’t seen the park open.. just as the first movie longed to make you think for a moment it could be real..this shot was to try and make you feel just for a brief second it was a real park. And also idk why everyone can’t get passed military dinos!! A) everyone but one agreed it was a dumb idea..B) the movie proves us right… people seem to forget in reality they are just dinosaurs and there is no good way for them to get loose…even in modern zoos we have this amazing tech called a moat. But i guess we should make it realistic and have it be the kids walking around with go pros and selfie sticks perfectly safe.

TheLazyHound YT says:

Jurassic Park: 10/10
The Lost World: 10/10
Jurassic Park III: 4/10
Jurassic World: 9/10

(I'm a big fan)

Michael Girodat says:

Ya this movie was fine. Not amazing but not total shit just a good time. The best and most confusing part though was near the end of the movie when I realized Bryce Dallas Howards character was doing all that sprinting around in those giant heels lol

gerdzpogi says:

This movie is pretty good for an average movie goer who wants to watch a monster film. But for a Jurassic Park fan this movie is pretty bad, forgettable film. I'd give it 6/10.

The upload wizard. YouTube. ca says:

Jurassic Park: Awesometacular
The Lost World:Awesometacular
Jurassic Park III : Won't remember in T-minus 1 day
Jurassic world: Great time no alcohol required

Bill Lozier says:

I've got the best idea for anyone who has any opinion on JP MOVIES. Read the book..and again.AWESOMETACULAR!!!!

Edward Diaz says:

“She did it.” ICONIC moment at 2:21

John Smith says:

What was all this 'our parents are going to get divorced' stuff that was never ever covered after it was mentioned?

sujan m Kashyap says:

We should have seen your face when it became the fourth highest grossing movie ever

Sanzj sk says:

dude this is a terrible review, very biased without serious thought to it

Indiana Solo And the Fellowship of the Ewoks says:

Jurassic Park: 8/10
The Lost World: Jurassic Park: 3/10
Jurassic Park 3: 4/10
Jurassic World: 6/10

Manjot Chaudhary says:

Jurassic park -awesome
Jurassic park 2 -good
Jurassic park 3 -excellent awesome
Jurassic world- amazing
This is my review

Michael lefebvre says:

like what Jurassic park lol

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