Julia Roberts winning an Oscar®

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Kevin Spacey presents the Best Actress Oscar® to Julia Roberts for “Erin Brokovich” at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards® in 2001.

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siddharth nagar says:

If she wouldn't have been the biggest movie star in the world at that point of time this would had been the most awkward moment of the early 21st century ?

tankura says:

+ I love her

Deniz Türkseven says:

ellen deserved

kate_breez says:

She's so sweeeeeeet and that smile …. ?

Robert Baird says:

Ellen Burstyn was robbed. This was a medicore performance at best.

grey rinnon says:

I still remember this well, the stickman comments were pompous to me.

Todd Craig says:

Could she be more self-involved?

joseph wright says:

Best actress since childhood her smile could kill you a true beauty and when ever I see her in movies I feel all happy inside the funniest one liner from this movie "That asshole smashed in my fucking neck "yes girl go get them

Claire Sadlowski says:

too bad Kevin Spacey had to present her with her award

zlameli says:

Her speech is probably the reason why actors today dont get 5min.

XO XO says:

Ew.  Ellen Burstyn lost to that?  Popularity contest.

J nid says:

Living legend she already is. Hollywood gold standard

RJ 25 says:

The pretty woman deserved it

Tony Plenos says:

Ellen was robbed!! Her performance in Requiem for a Dream is phenomenal.

George Michael Interviews and Documentaries says:

I just love you Mme Roberts! Truly proud such a woman references to me as Real Life Victory.

jo ma says:

Such an Idiot with a horse face

Joe Ede says:

Kevin Spacey ?

Eric Ryan says:

Laura Linney was robbed. Julia is such a fake.

Aadil Farooqui says:

Well, this is what you actually feel, even she was an actress but she was so true that in the last I just screamed "I Love Her"

Harry JW. says:

Erin Brokovich and Requiem For a Dream are both fantastic films. Ellen Burstyn and Julia Roberts are both phenomenal actresses. Both of them gave fantastic performances. Did Julia Roberts deserve this award over Ellen Burstyn? insert Wolf of Wall Street meme Absolutely fucking not.

SU S says:

weird that she did not have a standing ovation…..seems that she is not that really good in making friends in the industry

Fatima Jones says:

I'm glad she won this award. Not so much that she deserved it, but because we don't have to hear people blathering on about how she never won an oscar and was robed.

Pepper Dr says:

yo best giulia!

Lidiane Silva says:

Adorable. Just like her.

Eduardo Navarro says:

me encantas mujer

L B says:

One of the most bullsht awards ever given—up there with Sandra Bullock

Gary Pendleton says:

She loves herself.

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