JUDY Official Trailer (2019) Renée Zellweger, Judy Garland Movie HD

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JUDY Official Trailer (2019) Renée Zellweger, Judy Garland Movie HD
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Sarah Cohen says:

I'm looking forward to this. Physically, it seems Zellweger transformed herself into Judy Garland. Zellweger's a fine actress, better than Judy Garland ever was. The singing… well, Judy Garland did not have a unique voice. She's not playing Ray Charles or Freddie Mercury. Those were unique voices, and it would be irritating for listeners to hear imitations. Garland was a unique performer. Uniquely compelling, bubbly, professional, energetic, human, vulnerable, funny, all at once. So it might be possibly for Zellweger to nail this. It's possibly that vocally, anyway, it will be annoying. But the trailer looks great.

rackinfrackin says:

Some people consider Judy Garland to be the greatest entertainer of the 20th Century. I wish Renee luck. Those are some mighty big Ruby Slippers to fill.

Enrique V says:

One of the saddest stories in Hollywood. Must harden your heart before taking a seat at the theatre.

carolyn thompson says:

I am glad Renee is in movies! I'd love to see this. She's a great character actress.

cadicorniche says:

Look – yes. Voice – NEVER!

Rocco Sophie says:

This looks like a tear fest. I've never been a huge fan but, Miss Zellweger seems to be killing it in terms of looking and acting like Judy Garland. But as for the singing, I guess we'll have to wait to see. This is an aspect where I can't imagine any woman in the world could truly replicate. Still I have hopes.

richard colby says:

Hell no, renee zellweger

Et Q says:

She is a gross celebrity and icky gay icon. I don’t get the fascination.

Stevie D says:

How is this not getting more publicity???

Bonnie Newpane says:

That was a horrible screenshotJudy Garland was not ugly

A Krenwinkle says:

Judy was the greatest female performer of her time (Sinatra being the male), but this has bomb written all over it. Not a little zeppelin either. I mean the size North Korea is still building.

7mandoblu says:

And the Oscar goes to…👏🏼

Zafnat Paneaj says:

Oh my goddess !!!! I can't wait. It looks marvellous !!!!

Oscar Herrera says:

..smells like Oscar Nomination!!!

rainandsnowandsorrow says:

Never would I have thought that Renee would play Judy! I cannot wait to see this!!!! Anne Hathaway should play Liza!!!

wbrito8617 says:

Damn I was thinking Judge Judy

Daltira says:

I love judge Judy!

Nick Piacente says:

I’m so ready to see Renée slay and win an Oscar.

kopper says:

Is this the same production that Liza Minnelli did not want Anne Hathaway to do years ago because she thought her portrayal would be too dark?

maria G says:

Looks great but yeah they should’ve kept Judy’s voice bc it’s beyond amazing.


But that is one weird you tube picture.lol


I’d see that.

vivian amaya says:

This is gonna be so sad 😢😢💔 RIP Judy

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