John David Washington Explains What ‘Tenet’ Is REALLY About | Explain This | Esquire

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John David Washington talks through his thoughts on ‘Tenet’, his experiences behind the scenes on set, and various ‘Tenet’ fan theories. Watch more ‘Explain This’ episodes HERE:

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Petra - wir uns kennenlernen says:

0:44 außergewöhnlich

fwdfdfsa111133 says:

If it's a spy movie then we should expect this to be a series about the time portals they are calling "inversions". I think when it's all said and done we will be looking back at tenet saying "wow! That movie really changed the film industry".

MG Massey says:

You can hear his father's vocalizations.
Beautiful young man

super duper says:

you can tell he really loved making this movie and he’s committed to say everything right even in these interviews cause he admires chris nolan a lot

sayan ghosh says:

I really like his behaviour…

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