Jennifer Lawrence Threw Up at a Fancy Oscars After Party – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Jennifer Lawrence had a great time at the Oscars, but an even better one at the after party.
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Jennifer Lawrence Threw Up at a Fancy Oscars After Party – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Isu Upadya GT says:


Aroh Rl_9 says:

I can listen to her all day long

Bjizzle says:

I like J-law… she's hot and seems like a cool chick.

C O says:

So sandal wood yes or no?!?

Aimy Realaileean says:

It’s not the fact that she throws up that makes her so relatable, it’s the fact that she doesn’t care talking about it in front of thousand of people, like she isn’t a celebrity with a glossy image to maintain

JohnDoe says:

She's brilliant!

Huyen Anh says:

her acting skill is unquestionable

2Many Giggs says:

I wanna puke in front of Miley Cyrus! That is my new dream! To puke in front of Miley Cyrus!

ultrabaiter says:

If I was famous and had to suffer endless interviews, answering the same dumb questions over and over… Then I would routinely lie all the time… Just for my own entertainment.

I like Lawrence all the more knowing she bull shits in interviews..

George Peet says:

well wached

Lex Luthor says:


onyxsnape says:

my favourite thing about people saying 'she tries so hard, she's so annoying, stop trying to be relatable' is that how should she act then? lol she is just trying to share stories and laugh and yall throwing a fit? dont like her, dont watch her. i dont see why she has to be all serious and quiet if she doesnt want to be? if she's quiet and serious it will be all 'she's so stuck up'. smh cant win with these people

LIV C10 says:

She need just one question :)))

Beste Karaca says:

Agh i wanna be friend with her. She is amazing human being?

ivo mijnnaam says:

but then again this is the NOT so united states of drunken whores ….. so it is NOT a big of a surprise is it ?

Jack Barker says:

Wind prosecution volunteer viewer twice heritage clothing mount slice candidate.

Carasaurus Wrex says:

I'm a receptionist and I pulled a Pam and puked at a work party… I still am employeed though XD

jeweljellyjolly says:

She needs to have a talk show of her own God she's amazingly pure ????? love every inch about her

Magalí I. B. says:

she's the best

Richie Lew says:

the photo of seth at the end of the video makes him look like someone who likes kids just a bit too much

bo jackson says:

She seems so authentic and raw. Rare in Hollywood

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