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Jaws Return from the Deep | Richard Dreyfuss | NEW 2024 | #1 Movie Trailer | Mooch Entert… fan made




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Movie Description: #jaws #jaws2 #jawsrevenge #universal #warnerbros #paramountpictures #themeg #shark #sharks

In this concept one of the biggest great white sharks is discovered killing humans near the beach. In order to defeat the great white, they need the best professional Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) to stop it.

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These are derivative works as defined by the United States Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. 101, and as such, may find protection from copyright claims under the doctrine of fair use.

This is a video mashup, because it combines multiple pre-existing video sources with no discernible relation with each other into a unified video. To be clear this is 100% FAKE, FAN MADE, CONCEPT, “WHAT IF” DREAM TRAILER.
I don’t intend to put out clickbait, that’s why I put ‘CONCEPT’ in the title and Fan made everywhere in the description. I’m a movie fanatic, and like a lot of people I have movie ideas and want to put them out there.

Strictly for Entertainment purposes only (FAN MADE).

Edited by Mooch Entertainment.
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