Jaws 2 (1978) KILL COUNT

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Repocalypse says:

1:14 Pornhub intro plays

Typical Toy Reviews says:

"The movie ends with teenagers celebrating the demise of a beautiful sea creature"

Dang, when you put it like that, why they gotta go kill a semi-innocent shark

ST 3 says:

Do paranormal activity

Ace Gaming 2 says:

Dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead

Choi Yeonjun says:

Whenever you say shark attack– it's just hilarious

Braidon Kelly says:

Do jaws 3 plz james

Emanuel Rojas says:

Scar Face Shark? Scark?

Gooser says:


Gage Shaw says:

can someone tell james on patreon to cover the 1983's christine

Akiva Wilfred says:

Hey deadmeat can you do a deep blue sea kill count

Kamron Brooks says:

Do deep blue sea

Bittersweet Bitch says:

Jaws is my favorite movie of all time,the following sequels may not be that great but im so glad you covered them!

damo litman says:

1:39 loved the subnautica reference.
And at 1:51 you have a Bray Wyatt/WWE reference. well played james, well played

Stealth Cell says:

Was that a subnautica reference

Branden Man Due says:

Did did he just make a WWE Bray Wyatt reference YOWIE WOWIE

DanZero77 says:

Pong console @ 7:15 – the Adversary by National Semiconductor. You're welcome.

Native Bear 24 says:

1:34 I’ve played to many steam games to know where that reference is from as well as that aurora reference

Olsi Sula says:

when u learn for 2 years on all the world 2 died from shark attack and 111 from lighting

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