James Franco and Anne Hathaway host the Oscars®

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Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s opening monologue at the 83rd Academy Awards® in 2011.

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emil engen says:

Her mother is not beautiful!! "beautiful" has lost all its meaning, it's pathetic. Her mom is fat and ugly, just because a woman wears a dress doesn't mean they're beautiful

claudia33 says:

this is just fuckin horrible

Tupac1996 says:

When u get chosen to be the host of the Oscars , u already know that u didnt get it ?

IL B says:

Right behind Walberg great guys are sitting – Jordan Horowitz and handsome Gary Gilbert. Back then I got no idea who they were but then La-la-land has been made…

Stigggs says:

OK I finally watched this. As an award host Anne was absolutely 100% perfect in every way that fit the celebratory atmosphere that this was supposed to be. She was trooper for staying upbeat, calm while tying to salvage one of the most dreaded situations an actor could be in – acting with a log – who gave her less then zero. Blaming her for this is absolutely ridiculous.

BigDaddyFoodReviews says:

anne cant do comedy

Anita Mmayie says:

Who's here after James got accused of sexual assault.

The Shark Princess says:

The cringe!


jam that social engineering down their throats


cringing hard

Kartik Gupta says:

man he is so highhhhhhh

Hitsami Fox says:

Too energies franco shouldn't waited a bit before lighting up..they didnt play off each other..franco seemed very out of it/not putting any effort or energy into it

ihavenoprivacy convictme says:

this is fucking awful

CrushingRock says:

Stuck up, award ceremony with their heads all the way up their asses. Yet they want to be funny and cool while they pick the most boring films as winners

I Don't Even Like Chai Latte's says:

I feel like hugh Jackman or NPH would have been more her energy level

Aparajita Chakraborty says:

Okay. Just a bit awkward. It's okay. That happens. Move on now.

Declan Morgan says:

aaaahhh the pain

Musickt196 says:

I don't know if I should cringe or laugh really, really, hard…

Emery McKee says:

Roast of James Franco brought me here. They were right, this is godawful. I feel like I’m gonna throw up

Shivam Goundar says:

Grandma shoulda said, "You look high as fuck James."

Kelly McFarland says:

And the Oscar for Worst Hosts go to……

Наташа XOX says:

"Fuck her for trying"

Ross Viles says:

Gosh, that was bad.

Daltira says:

I thought this was hilarious

Grumpy Doctor says:

This mess gets uploaded but not Seth MacFarlane's?

Feras says:

bring back Steve Martin

Mitochondria says:

Boi is baked

Yassine Med says:


Schweppes Boy says:

I’ve never cringed this much before

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