James and the Giant Peach – Nostalgia Critic

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This WAS a strange little movie, wasn’t it?

Originally aired on September 13, 2011.

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ShieraSama says:


Murphdog405 says:

CNN is fake news. That Let's Play was great

SonicX147 says:

Feck off Critic, leave this alone…

Jaylin Broan says:

Oh c'mon, you gotta realize that the charm of this movie is how innocent and childish it is.
The Rhino was probably just what his Aunts told him, and he didn't actually see them die so he believed them, the rest is basically him imagining a wondrous escape from crappy guardians

SimplySam says:

…aren't Rhinos vegetarians? Also, where did the bugs get their clothes?

Coundessa Scarlotti says:

I have never actually read the book, and maybe I should've. But I always thought his parents died in a more reasonable way, like a car crash or a fire, and the Aunts made up the rhino just so they could play the boogieman card whenever they wanted to get under his skin. Why a rhino? I never had any clue. Admittedly, this was a movie I didn't question as much as most others.

orangetangyvideos says:

(*warning!!!! This is me rambling! Feel free to ignore!*)
Honestly (having read almost all the Roald Dahl books) the book is definitely a bit mad, but It EXPLAINS the Dino! here's a quote (it's still strange but at least it explains it the best anyone really could!) "one day, James's mother and father went to London to do some shopping, and there a terrible thing happened. Both of them suddenly got eaten up (in full daylight, mind you, and in a crowded street) by a enormous angry rhinoceros which had escaped from London zoo" (I personally have never gone to London zoo but rhinos seem like a strange thing to have?). I feel as though alot of movies based on Dahl's books couldn't do the best job because the writing had funny bits in that, without the narrator, they couldn't get across very well. But I must say something… This one seems to be following the story well! I just think that a few read throughs could have helped the writers and heck of a lot! But hey! Roald Dahl's books were known to be a bit weird but I feel like that was the charm!

Hailey Metcalfe says:

Listen carefully to what I typed in the commentsI have the same opinion as you and you have a free Wright to express your hate for the movies ‘Hugs’?

Weldhawk 2 says:

Why at the beginning of the movie james is wearing the same outfit as.the neighbor from hello neighbor

Charisk Reacts says:

Hey Critic! you there making a sonic movie this year. but it has Adam Sandler in it ????

Fluffle Puff64 plays says:

My teacher red the book to me and my friends in class wen we had free time???

cocoshpee says:

Dude if irl people wanted me to do thate much work and were such dicks the wold be in the hospital

Jesse Simpson says:


Jesse Simpson says:


Connor Schmiling says:

0:44 Was that a Garbage Pail Kids Reference?

Blaque Link says:

The movie is depressing. So is Chicken Run.

Jack SpinoRex says:

I want a full version of "Rhinos; They scare little boys"

Juanita Johnson says:

I agree with you Nostalgia Critic, the James and the Giant Peach movie is a piece of bull crap, and- *guns are pointed* out of fear I mean it’s great. whispers It’s horrible!

whispers Especially James’ parents’ death.

Alexis B. says:

Yeah, the movie has issues but I actually enjoyed it

notcalled ben says:

What if the rino was just james's way of covering up something more traumatic

a snake says:

I remember when I saw this movie years ago, I kinda liked it, but looking back, I absolutely hate this movie

Snqwy Official says:

"I landed on the tallest building in the world!"
New York isn't located in Asia

Kendall Carroll says:

I actually REMEMBERED all the songs from this movie lol

Farmland security 58 says:

James Rolfe is better

Matthew Sinclair says:

A rhino ate his parents? Must have been written by Delboy.
Who gets that joke?

ai i says:

"My name is James" song. When he refers to his name, he's referring to his identity. He's forgetting who he was as a person and losing his self-confidence. Who his parents raised him to be. But the lyrics are boring.

Dread says:

It was about magic green glowing pasta noodles

Rock Lee says:

Let me see you – work! work! WORK! WORK!

Richard Ball says:

Why is the little boy in the beginning dressed just like the neighbor?

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