Is Christopher Nolan Right About Netflix? – SJU

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Roth Cornet
Joe Starr
Spencer Gilbert
“The Game Master” Lon Harris

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Dylon Allen says:

I agree that it is good for independent film makers as they can get their content out there, but also bad in the way that YouTube turned out to be bad for it's market. It is great to be able to have a channel and upload videos, but it allows for horrible over saturation of content to the point that all content is unjustly lumped in as lesser. You guys have the production quality and content of a major TV network, but the stigma of being a "YouTube Star" vs. a "TV star" is still there unfairly. I feel the same applies to theatrical style movies on Netflix. While they are the quality of an international theatrical release, the stigma of being a "Netflix movie" likens it to being a "made for TV movie" fair or not.

Thomas Harris says:

grade dump customer journalist respect none aids.

Johnny Skinwalker says:

What would be the point of Netflix releasing movies in theater, that is not what they are about

TTCGamer says:

Ugh, I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore was a bit of a mess.

Cap'n Mo says:

Nolan is mad and not aware of the wider global importance of film and the unfortunate reality that a lot of films don't get released in all regions.

Ryan Keeton says:

Roth throwin shade at Spencer. DAMN

lilbro93 says:

Sony just announced a Morbius the Living Vampire movie….how did you know….

samlikesfilms says:

Netflix is good as it gives loads of new directors chances that studio are less likely to give. Also it’s not like it has gone straight to DVD as they usually give spotlight to new films that have been made/added whereas straight to DVD are usually at the bottom of a bargain bucket. I did a video on my channel where I get more in depth with my analysis if anyone wants to check it out ?

NezihBouali says:

Why are you asking JTE?
The Game Master said Joe won.

NezihBouali says:

I love that 1080p is back!

KingTekins says:

-A Canadian

Disco Tex says:

Money isn't the solution to everything. It is not how you punish someone. After all money doesn't buy happiness. Also, morality clauses are common, ask any Disney employee, regardless of age (youtube slave labor is their MO). The idea of making an actor pay if some studio deems his private behavior "immoral" sounds like something from the Red Scare. The film company had insurance so they will pay; that system works fine. The fact Kevin Spacey's career is over and he is ruined publicly. What worse punishment is there?

Disco Tex says:

Ah… dope shirt Lon!

Disco Tex says:

Good hosting Roth! Dope hair. Matches your shirt well. Obviously no one else on panel is wearing anything of note or I would mention it.

Disco Tex says:

Heavy metal. Or no metal at all.

Simon Greenaway says:

The Deadpool poster is pretty in keeping with the original Rockwell painting. I think it's a brilliant idea. If it was more accurate it wouldn't look as close to the original as this one.

Luny & Milky says:

We see U2! x'j

Jennings Richmond says:

Are the audio and video horribly desynced or what?

Harry Wompa says:

Sounds like it's Nolan who is being mindless. People generally don't wanna go to theatres anymore… frankly they suck. I mean, who wants to go to a smelly, crowded, germ filled building to watch a film for way more than it's worth and be forced to buy over priced shitty concessions, and then watch a grainy projection that is too big to actually appreciate and too loud to really enjoy, with a high likelihood of technical failures (about 1 in 5 films I see in theatre I get refunded for cause they just can't ge tthe movie to work), all while people talk, text, play games, kids cry or scream or laugh, and your chair is sticky and kicked all the time, and people too tall sit in front of you, and on and on…. or sit down in your pjs on your couch with like, super cheap food, a private bathroom, temperature control, the ability to pause and put on subtitles and adjust the volume, all on a screen that is probably perfectly sized for you and really cheap per film. So… I think Nolan and other big hollywood people are just upset, same way as old hollywood with video rental, cause it is undercutting their control of the market and maybe putting pressure on them to make their medium worthwhile.

Flashbulb Memory says:

I feel like the deadpool poster is a commentary on the lame overuse of photoshop

Raphael Robles says:

Am I the only one that doesn’t have the audio and video lined up when I watch these?

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