INTRUSION Trailer (2021) Freida Pinto, Logan Marshall-Green

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INTRUSION Trailer (2021) Freida Pinto, Logan Marshall-Green, Thriller
© 2021 – Netflix


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Civivva says:

wow. so the word of the day is OMINIOUS. Trying too hard.

ThePilbaraPrince says:

Husband is a serial killer and the intruder was killed while trying to rescue their family member imprisoned in a secret dungeon hidden in the premises. Hope I’m wrong. Because I’ll probably waste my time watching this movie.

Paddy Noble says:

Oh no not another mystery that will drag on. With a house out in nowhere and the power cuts of. With the main actress is paranoid. Spoiler alert it was all set up by her husband. Who's in it with the rest of the township and the sheriff finds out and gets killed

Ahmadx1x1 the best nickname says:

Held (2020) Movie 2

Seth Siddle-Mitchell says:

Trey Atwood did well for himself. Nice to see.

abider1 says:

Lots of emphatic percussive sound effects…whoossh bam donkdonk! 😆

Claire H says:

It's the husband

KootFloris says:

Guess what? The Husband. And others. The trailer gives too much away. Chick hipster husband? With classes?

Carboxylated says:

They tell the entire movie in the trailer…thanks anemic, basic, terrible Netflix movie trailer editors…you really save me time from having to watch this.

shake my head…when will Netlfix or their editing team learn???????

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